Malta Gaming Authority announces re-structuring regulatory framework

Published on 26 February 2015 by Sebas

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) now even more player protectiveThe Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has announced it will ‘overhaul’ its regulatory framework to give even more priority to online casino player protection, and to consolidate Malta as the most reputed online gaming licensing jurisdiction.


Formerly called the LGA (the Lotteries and Gaming Authority) the MGA is one of the (if not the) most reputed, respected and renowned online gaming regulating bodies in the world. Not only Net Entertainment as a (partly) Maltese company operating in the iGaming business holds a license issued by the MGA, but also most of the online casinos providing their games are controlled and regulated by the same authority. A MGA online casino license means the operator is subject to the strict rules, regulations and ‘code of conduct’ as set by the Authority and for us players it means extra ‘player protection’ as it also allows the MGA to mediate whenever there’s a dispute between an online casino and a player.

The Authority recently has changed its name, website and logo (now with a Maltese Cross, as national symbol of the Mediterranean island-state) and it seems these ‘moves’ were only the first steps in a bigger plan to re-structure its ‘framework’ and establish an organization even better equipped to meet the demands of today, offering even more player protection.

MGA more player-protection focused

The MGA has announced it wants to create a more consumer and player-protection focused regulatory framework that at the same time makes sure increased innovation in the iGaming industry can continue. The regulator with that aim recently has installed an in-house data research centre and on its website players now can contactt the Authority by e-mail and even (during weekdays from 8 am until 4 pm) by Live Chat.

Furthermore the organization is constantly assessing the effectiveness of its regulations and currently is analyzing if any additional regulations are needed regarding some new forms of gaming and if any existing regulations need to be enforced. The ultimate goal is to make the MGA license synonymous for consumer protection.

MGA and the Netent Casinos

As stated above the vast majority of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos as listed on our Leading Netent Fansite holds a license issued by the MGA. This doesn’t mean however the Netent Casinos that don’t have a MGA ‘Approved’ stamp are unsafe, untrustworthy or even malevolent. Most of the casinos have licenses from other reputed controlling, regulating and licensing authorities such as those from Gibraltar, Alderney, Curaçao and the UK and therefore equally can be considered a safe and reliable online gaming environment. However, with the initiated re-structuring of its regulatory framework (and especially by focusing on player-protection) the MGA seems to reinforce Malta’s global position as the pioneer and leader in online gaming licensing.

Read more about the MGA and Netent Casino licenses

As far as we’re concerned we can only hope more licensing authorities will follow the initiative of the MGA to concentrate even more on the protection of online casino game players and facilitate players to consult the authority. To learn more about the MGA and other online casino licensing bodies you can visit the MGA page on our site and the Casino Licenses page where you’ll find an overview of all Netent Casino regulating authorities.


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