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Mark the Christmas Calendar at Bethard for Some Great Events

Published on by Adam

Mark the Christmas Calendar at Bethard for Some Great EventsBethard, as the name seems to imply, is a casino that gives off an impression of hardiness. It’s a casino that welcomes players who don’t fear daring; who don’t fear going that extra step when the stakes are high and all other bets are in. But even such a po-faced gambling powerhouse occasionally takes some time out to soften up and celebrate major holidays and enjoy festive seasons such as Christmas.

And this year, Bethard is giving all players the chance to start celebrating Christmas from as much as 41 days before. Their latest promotional offer consists of a Christmas calendar that opens up a new challenge with a great and original prize attached to it on every single day till the offer lasts. What’s more, while players take up each offer placed on the calendar, Bethard gets them in with the chance to participate in 3 races with great prizes that include fully paid trips to L.A and Las Vegas and more tagged to the end. Let’s see what all the agitation is about.

Bethard’s Christmas Calendar and Races

If you fire up the Bethard site and click on the Christmas calendar 2016 button at the top of the page, you will be welcomed to a page with a calendar marking the current date. Click on that date to see what is the challenge/offer of the day. Bethard has been hard at work dreaming up new and interesting promotional offers for every single day up till the end of the holiday season. But they are keeping each and every one a secret, and you can only uncover them day by day.

What they are not keeping secret, however, is the 3 races they have organised. Whether you’re a sports betting fan or a casino player, you can join these races as they’ve taken into consideration both by creating 2 versions of the same races.

So, you’re wondering what you have to do to win the races? It’s actually quite simple.  If you’re a player residing in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Norway or Sweden, you are eligible to enter these races. All you have to do is place a deposit of a minimum of €20 and you will be automatically signed up for the challenge. And once you’re in, you just have to place more bets than the other competitors. Bethard’s Christmas calendar started on 21st November, so better hurry up!

The dates will be running during the following time periods:

  • 1st race – Monday 21st November – Sunday 4th December
  • 2nd race – Monday 5th December – Sunday 18th December
  • 3rd race – Monday 19th December – Saturday 31st December

And here are some of the prizes you can expect to win once you’re in:

1st race (a total of 20 prizes)

  • 1st prize – Apple iPad Pro 12.9” + Apple iPhone 7 32GB
  • 2nd prize – Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
  • 3rd prize – Apple iPad Pro 12.9” 32 GB

2nd race (a total of 50 prizes)

  • 1st prize – €4000
  • 2nd prize – €2000
  • 3rd prize – €1000

3rd race (a total of 100 prizes)

  • 1st prize – LA trip for 2
  • 2nd prize – €4000
  • 3rd prize – €2500

Now, you’re probably wondering why I mentioned both Los Angeles and Las Vegas earlier, but when it came to the prize listings, I only mentioned L.A., right? That’s because Bethard is including both destinations in the grand prize for the 3rd race! Here is the whole list of perks you can expect to be included if you land in 1st place in the 3rd race:

  • Flights from Nordic Capital or Berlin to Los Angeles
  • Visit to Universal Studios
  • Tickets to an NHL game between Anaheim and Kings in Los Angeles
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  • Transfers and hotels
  • A total of 3 nights in Los Angeles and 4 nights in Las Vegas
  • Flights from Las Vegas to a Nordic capital or Berlin

Wrapping up Bethard’s Christmas Calendar Challenges

Bethard are making sure that this festive season is an exciting one with 3 thrilling tournaments, a huge Santa Clause sack with tons of prizes, and a trip to 2 of the hottest (in every sense) destinations in the States! So, if you’re still playing with the thought, think no more. Sign up, start competing and bag some of these great prizes at Bethard!

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