Max Bet Protection Limits Integrated at

Published on 18 February 2015 by Rhi

Max Bet Protection Limits Integrated at

There are many reasons why a Max Bet Protection Limit would come in super handy for almost all players. Firstly, It stops the horror of accidentally clicking “Max Bet” and doing a €20 spin. A few months ago the Mega Fortune jackpot was enormous and it was waaay over the average payout time, so I deposited €20 in order to have a play and see if I could win the millions. The first thing I do when the game opens? Accidentally click ‘Max Bet’ which immediately spins the maximum spin, meaning my €20 gave me one chance at the jackpot, rather than the 20 + chances I’d hoped for. With a ‘Max Bet Protection Limit’ this would not be possible!

Most bonuses have wagering requirements and most wagering requirements include a ‘max bet’ where any spins over that amount wont actually count towards the wagering. For example, say the maximum spin you can do, in order to qualify for the wagering is €5, then you can set a max bet limit of €5 to ensure you never go over that without thinking, so all your spins are in line with the bonus terms and conditions.

You want to stay within your own lines. Maybe you sometimes get tempted to up the bet, and always regret it later. If you’ve just had a big win, for example, it can be so easy to up the bet in the hopes of getting an even bigger win. That’s fine if you enjoy it, but if you find that the money just disappears twice as quickly and gives half the fun, then it’s a great idea to set yourself a Max Bet Limit, so you’re not tempted to creep that stake up and up.

A Max Bet Protection Limit is clearly something that the online casino world has been crying out for, so I’m not sure why it’s not a common feature, but I’m pleased to say that have filled that need with their Max Bet Protection Limits. *UPDATE* – More casinos have begun to implement these types of protections in recent times, with potentially a new era of player safety being ushered in.

You can set your bet limit via the Responsible Gaming tab when logged into your profile. It’s not a time based bet limit, so it wont stop you playing over a certain amount per day, week, month. It’s not a loss limit, so it’s never going to stop you playing, it simply ensures you don’t go over your chosen limit in one single bet.

When you’re playing with Bonus funds, the feature is automatically enabled, meaning you’re not able to go over the set ‘max bet’ limit that will meet the wagering requirements, so even if you haven’t read the small print, you wont get caught out.

Just another tick on our already long list of reasons to use!


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