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Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Cracked Open!

Published on by Adam

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Cracked Open!Some great news has just rolled in. One lucky player won at NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams while playing at LeoVegas, and this lucky person has won big! And guess what? S/he’s a NetEnt Casino reader! While we are still waiting for specific details about this thrilling event that has undoubtedly changed one person’s life entirely, we’ll spill the beans about what we know so far. Read on for a glimpse into this dream come true!

Mega Fortune Dreams Come True

Just less than 2 days ago, one lucky LeoVegas player who went through our site spun Mega Fortune Dreams to a huge win. S/he is now €5,505,272 richer! That’s right. On Sunday 2nd July, 2017, our lucky winner ended his weekend with a bang.

Typically, Mega Fortune Dreams pays out at an average amount of €3,967,098 at with an average interval of 65 days in between wins. This time round, the jackpot was overdue by a few days and almost €2 million. Now, if calculations are correct, the next time this jackpot is due for a pop is around the beginning of September.

Living the Dream

Whenever we hear that someone has won big at one of NetEnt pooled jackpots, we’re always talking about a few millions. Just switching to being a multi-millionaire within a few minutes seems like something unfathomable. And yet, we can’t help but fantasize about such an enormously life-changing event.

What would you do if you became the next lucky jackpot winner and walked away with a few millions? Would you invest in property? A new sports car as well, maybe? Or even, a tour around the world to the most exotic destinations that would otherwise remain wishful thinking? Would you quit your job? If yes, what would you do with all your freed-up time? It feels nice to let our imagination run amok.

Winning Tips

Are there any ways we can also make the millionaire dream come true? Perhaps. For starters, it’s always a good idea to follow closely the state of activity on a jackpot. What I mean is that you can find out how often a jackpot tends to drop, what is the average winning amount, whether a jackpot is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, etc.

One more thing you need to know is that jackpots tend to pay out less frequently than normal slots, but their pay-outs are huge. Now, most jackpots can only be won through the bonus game triggered within the base slot game (for instance, Mega Fortune Dreams’ bonus game plays like a multi-tiered wheel of fortune). And the best way to up your chances of triggering the jackpot bonus game and winning big is by increasing your bet levels and/or coin value on each bet. Just make sure you keep an eye on your bank roll as well, ok?

One last hint is to simply familiarise yourself with the game. Take some time to read the instructions and/or pay table typically included accessible in any online jackpot. It always helps to know the ins and outs of a game rather than just spinning the reels blindly.

Wrapping Up The Dream

Once again, we’re happy to hear that someone has made such a beautiful dream come true. We’ll be receiving the details about what really went on on that fiery Sunday and make sure to come back with all the hot tips! Meanwhile, you can get playing Mega Fortune Dreams or any other of NetEnt’s great jackpots at Casumo, Betsafe, Betsson, or LeoVegas.

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