Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Hit at PAF Casino!

Published on 7 September 2015 by Rhi

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Hit at PAF Casino!Did you know that it was at PAF casino that the biggest ever online slot jackpot was hit? A cool €17 million on none other than NetEnt’s Mega Fortune pooled jackpot slot, a world record! This weekend PAF kept up that trend for big winners and has announced that one of their players wont just over €3 million on Mega Fortune Dreams.

About Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is like the ‘2.0’ version of Mega Fortune, not to replace it but to build upon it’s success and give players who loved the first game a new option if they feel like mixing things up. The games are very similar, but different enough to be excellent stand alone games too. They are based on a lavish lifestyle filled with expensive watches, super yachts, jewels and everything else we all dream of when we imagine becoming a millionaire.

Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot is a pooled jackpot, which means that all players, across all casinos, who play this game, are feeding the same, one jackpot total. A much wider pool means much higher jackpots, so you’ll often find this reaching into the multi-millions. The game has a free spins mode as well as a ‘wheel of fortune’ style bonus game, which is where the jackpot can be won. As the wheel spins you either win a prize or progress to the next level and if you make it to the centre of the wheel, BOOM, your life is changed!

PAF Casino

PAF is a Finnish based casino and it was a Finnish player that won this staggering €3 million jackpot from NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams. No details have been released apart from that, so I’m guessing this player wants to remain anonymous, an option all big jackpot winners have. This is a good idea as it gives you time to come to terms with the shock without a huge media attention to go along with it. Others might enjoy the excitement and want the world to know they won, it’s totally up to the winner.

Other NetEnt Jackpot Slots

So we know that one jackpot is now €3 million lower than it was on Friday, but there are still plenty of chances to become a NetEnt millionaire, any second of the day. In fact, NetEnt jackpots are still sitting at almost €8 million in total right now!

Those are the jackpots available at the time of writing however they increase with every single player spin so, unless they’re hit soon, they’ll no doubt be much bigger the next time you check.

Which Jackpot Will Be Hit Next

It’s impossible to say, as all NetEnt jackpots are strictly monitored and regulated to ensure that they run on a reliable RNG (Random Number Generator) which cannot be manipulated. However, we can look at stats and figures. Because they are random, it means they can be hit any time so whenever you play or wherever you are has no bearing, so why not play around with averages? The Hall of Gods jackpot is hit, on average, at 134 day intervals, yet it has been 140 days since it last dropped. The average hit size is around €4,407,515, very close to it’s current total, so who knows!


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