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Mega Fortune €5 Million Jackpot Hit!

Published on by Adam

Mega Fortune €5 Million Jackpot Hit!

The last time I really checked the Mega Fortune jackpot was at New Year when I was dreaming of seeing in 2015 as a millionaire, like many other Netent fans around the world! Safe to say that only hours after writing that post, the jackpot reached €5 million and carried on growing at an alarming rate- it seemed that many people had the same ideas as me and could feel the jackpot building; about to burst. 

Well, one lucky so and so has only gone and done it! That’s Netent’s second millionaire making payout and we’re not even 2 weeks into the year, as it was only days ago when Mega Fortune Dreams spilled €3 million all over one luck winner. My sources can’t yet confirm who has won the Mega Fortune jackpot, but I can tell you it was around midnight last night (CET), at LeoVegas and that the jackpot total was well over the €5 million mark- that’s over €2 million more than the average payout on this pooled Netent jackpot slot, so this win really came at a super lucky time for one player.

Such is the popularity of this slot, that the jackpot amount is already well on it’s way to €1 million again, currently sitting at a respectable €500,000. Not bad in 12 hours. The Mega Fortune jackpot slot is a Guinness World Record holder for the highest jackpot ever paid out at an online casino. The reason it’s so high is partly to do with Netent and partly to do with you, the players. Netent created a game that’s fun and exciting, even if you don’t win the jackpot you still get to enjoy the luxurious theme, Free Spins and Multipliers. Plus, it’s a pooled jackpot, meaning that players from all casinos are feeding into the same, single jackpot pool. That’s a hell of a lot of players and is the reason the prize is always so high.

Then there’s the fact that it’s so popular amongst players. The jackpot grows as the game is played- a percentage of every players spin is fed into the jackpot prize. If people don’t play, the jackpot doesn’t grow and then it’s no fun for anyone. But this slot is so much fun and has players so excited about the prize potential that the jackpot grows faster than anything I’ve ever seen and I’m fairly confident it’ll only be a short while until we’re talking multi millions again.

It’s hard to believe that we’re only 12 days into 2015 and Netent has already created two new multi millionaires in the world- just stop a second to think about that, what a start to the year.

Did you know…

  • … the Mega Fortune jackpot has been hit a total of 6 times since it was launched?
  • … that the total paid out by Netent’s Mega Fortune slot alone is an incomprehensible €17,540,909?!
  • … the average jackpot, at the time of being hit, on Mega Fortune is just shy of €3 million?

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