Mega Fortune & Hall Of Gods Jackpot Slots Are Statistically HOT!

Published on 26 October 2015 by Casino Admin

Mega Fortune & Hall Of Gods Jackpot Slots Are Statistically HOT!We all love a good jackpot game, luckily, NetEnt casino’s offer the two most prominent and frequently hit jackpot slot games available to players today. In this article, we are going to show you why both are about to burst in literally any second. 

You’ve seen it happen, you have fantasized about it every day at work – the Jackpot win. Something to make literally every aspect of your life better, winning economic freedom and a standard of life that only a handful of people in the world ever will, the chances aren’t likely, but if you never play, you can never win, right?

Lucky for our readers, we are nerds who like to look at statistics, and something which is true for all statistics is that they reveal patterns; patterns which can determine when the jackpot theoretically should pay out. At this particular moment, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune are both significantly above their average hit rate, which basically means that they are due to pay out very soon.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

In the case of Mega Fortune, it is an extremely popular jackpot game which since it’s launch has been hit a whopping 26 times. In case you are unaware, a jackpot being hit 26 times is extremely rare, many of these jackpots were hit during the summer of 2015, as we have covered in previous articles.

Furthermore, the current available jackpot on Mega fortune is more than €1,000,000 higher than average. Having an average hit frequency of 83 days also points towards Mega fortune being hit soon, as it was last hit 87 days ago at the time of writing. Which means it should have popped about 5 days ago, also taking into account the frequency of jackpots on this slot – you are at a statistical advantage right now.

Hall Of Gods Jackpot Slot

Another NetEnt slot, this one based on the vikings from the country of which Netent hails. Which again leaves you at a statistic advantage when plundering this frostbitten slot. With an average hit frequency of 151 day intervals, Hall of gods is a whopping 17 days overdue to pay out. Also holding a current jackpot of nearly 6 million euros, which is about half a million higher than average, makes this Hall of Gods long overdue for a win!

Random Number Generator

All that being said, and whilst it’s fun to look at the statistics and get excited, it’s impossible to truly predict when a jackpot slot will fall. Why? Because all of NetEnt’s slots run on Random Number Generators meaning that the games cannot be manipulated in any way and don’t act in a predictable way. They are as random as a human programmed machine can be. To attest to this, part of their licensing requires the randomness to be tested at various intervals by a 3rd party. More than anything, this is to protect players. No player has the advantage over another. No one can mess with the machine and make it payout, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first spin or your thousandth, you have an equal chance of winning. Of course, the more you play, the more chances you have, however past results aren’t taken into account. So enjoy playing these games with as much chance as anyone of hitting it big!

Where to play NetEnt Jackpot Slots?

We will keep this short and sweet, as I can imagine that you wan’t to start spinning straight away and not read my geeky nonsense! Here are our top three casino choices with both games available:

  1. Royal Panda Casino
  2. Hello Casino
  3. Diamond7 Casino

If for some reason any of the three above choices aren’t your cup of tea, review our full list of Netent jackpot casinos here!


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