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Do You Need a Large Data Plan for Mobile Casino?

Published on by Adam

Ah mobile casino gaming. It’s become such a staple of our favourite iGaming community that we don’t really know what we’d do without it these days. In line with how laptops and desktops and slowly moving out of favour with the standard consumer to be replaced by smartphones and tablets, the internet casino industry is seemingly following suit.

However, one of the key differences between our bulky and portable devices is that the latter often rely upon 3G/4G mobile internet connections rather than Wi-Fi when firing up those NetEnt Touch titles. Does this cause a problem for the standard smartphone casino player? Let Netent Casino delve into the details to deduce whether or not your mobile casino data use requires a significant plan.

Mobile Casino Data Usage Broken Down: Just How Much Does a Spin/Hand/Turn Use Up?

While the actual calculations are subject to the actual games and interpretation by your carrier, having one spin of a NetEnt slot is unlikely to use up more than 1KB. Please note, though, that this is a generalised calculation based on a relatively low-end slot with limited graphical features.

If you’re playing a game that uses plenty of special effects, or even video cutscenes as introduction pieces, then it’s likely that the data figure will multiply many times over.

As video slots, jackpots and other casino games have improved over time, so has the demand that they place on technology. This includes the actual technology that the game is built with, alongside other factors such as mobile data consumption.

One data-hungry area of iGaming entertainment that really goes without saying is NetEnt Live Casino.

Connecting to an audio stream would be noteworthy enough, but a video feed of a live casino dealer spinning those roulette wheels or dealing blackjack hands is going to eat into your mobile data allowance.

Unless you either have a generous data plan or are only intending on playing NetEnt Live Casino for a short period, we suggest you avoid this area of entertainment until you find a Wi-Fi connection. However, the above video demonstrates just how much of a treat NetEnt Live Casino on mobile really is.

Does My Data Usage Drop When Using Dedicated Mobile Gambling Apps?

Although you may save a teeny tiny bit of internet when initially accessing a mobile casino using a dedicated app over a web browser, it’s unlikely that you’ll save much more thereafter. This is because the games you play are the same no matter the platform, as there aren’t different versions depending on whether you’re using an app or browser, for instance.

One key point to note is that mobile casino apps WILL require mobile data to download in the first place, unless you’re on Wi-Fi. These files can be fairly large in size (some reaching into the tens and, perhaps occasionally, hundreds of megabytes), so be sure to check exactly how much you’d use BEFORE selecting to download and install.

If you’re having trouble downloading online casino apps for Android smartphones or tablets, NetEnt Casino have written a handy guide on how to install these programs.

*UPDATE* – As of early August 2017, Google’s Play Store has started offering gambling apps from online casinos for UK, Irish and French gamers.

So, Are You Saying I need Plenty of Gigabytes to Play Casino on Mobile?

That depends. Are you an avid mobile casino gamer who plays several spins on NetEnt games? Do you prefer to enjoy the higher-end, better-quality graphics when out and about? How about NetEnt Mobile Live Casino, do you regularly load these streams up on your 3G/4G connections?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to select a mobile data plan that has plenty of space for your gaming habits. Sure, one spin my only take up 1KB, but these can easily add-up over the course of a month if you’re a frequent sampler of mobile casino bonuses and whatnot. What’s more, any gamer on a pay as you go plan would be aware that every single round would cost them that little bit more, so a reasonable data rate is necessary.

The only way you can truly monitor your mobile casino data usage is by utilising the tools given by both your phone and provider.

Many modern smartphones allow users to analyse exactly how much data is used within a given period, so you could easily set up a quick experiment for however long you thought was needed. Be careful to cross-check any figures your device gives you with your carrier’s calculations too, as these are known to differ.

Happy gaming!

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