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Monte Carlo Casino oldest online casino in the world?

Published on by Adam

Monte Carlo Casino makes part of casino gaming historyAlthough everybody immediately thinks of casino gaming when hearing the name “Monte Carlo” and although the Monte Carlo Casino in our guide carries the caption “Depuis 1863” (= “Since 1863”) of course this sophisticated Netent Casino isn’t the oldest “online casino” in the world. After all internet wasn’t invented at that time and it actually took a while before most traditional “land-based” (brick-and-mortar) casinos entered the online casino gaming business. Still Monte Carlo Casino can pride itself on being part of casino history because it was from there (during the 1900’s in Monaco) where the most famous casino game, the Roulette, was popularized worldwide.

It was actually about one century before 1863 (around 1758) when a game named roulette was first mentioned and apparently starting from 1796 the game was played in its current form by Europe’s “rich and famous” elite. But only after the Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc started a (legal) casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco the game became the most popular casino game worldwide and subsequently exported to casinos all around the globe.

As the online version of Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is directly affiliated to this brick-and-mortar casino at the French Côte d’Azur it therefore can bear the caption “Since 1863” and therefore makes part of international casino gaming history.
Netent Casino Monte Carlo Casino seems to want to copy the same glamorous, luxurious and sophisticated casino gaming environment as you would meet when entering its “real-life” counterpart in France. It’s clearly directed, though not exclusively, to “high-rollers” (big spending online players) and has an extended VIP-program in which you can participate on request and which consists of (very) special casino bonus offerings and promotions.

Another sign of this “refined” approach to online casino gaming are the high-quality games Monte Carlo Casino has available. There are several “Casino Rooms” (elegantly dubbed in French as “Salons”) and of course one of those rooms is completely dedicated to a selection of premium Netent video slots.

In our opinion Monte Carlo Casino should be a Netent Casino you at least have to have had a look on, especially as the online casino is licensed by the Maltese Lotteries and Gambling Authority and therefore completely safe and reliable. You can find the casino by following the direct link on the Monte Carlo Casino review page on which you can find also all other information regarding this historical casino.

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