More Details of SverigeKronan’s Mega Fortune Winner Announced

Published on 22 April 2015 by Rhi

More Details of SverigeKronan's Mega Fortune Winner AnnouncedOn Saturday we were the first website to bring you the breaking news that the €1.5 Mega Fortune jackpot had been hit by a lucky player at SverigeKronan and now, more details about this lucky so-and-so have been confirmed. The facts in this story are that a 34 year old chap from southern Sweden was a little bored on Friday April 17th and decided to have a spin on Mega Fortune on his smartphone. Sometimes when your friends are droning on and on about the same old stories it’s nice to entertain yourself with a little spin and in this case, it seriously paid off. From just a single spin, this SverigeKronan player suddenly found himself 13,522,608 SEK better off. That’s just over €1.45 million. Wow. I think I’d have fainted onto the table right there and then, before mentally drawing up a list of things to spend the money on (house?Yacht? Helicopter?) but for this player, that mental list has become a reality.

We have no doubt that the player will be supported by Netent and SverigeKronan in their win and we offer our best wishes to him and hope he enjoys every single cent.

After this win at SverigeKronan, the Mega Fortune jackpot is sitting at €255,961 (at the time of writing) but it wont be at all long before this is reaching and exceeding the million mark once again. In the meantime, remember that the jackpot grows from players playing the game, so the more you play, the more there will be to win.

Right now, Arabian Nights is the biggest Netent jackpot around, sitting at a comfortable €2.6 million and growing. It hasn’t been hit in over 2 months and could really blow at any time. Who knows if it’ll be today, tomorrow, or even next year? No one does, which is what really builds the excitement, so be sure to try your hand at becoming a millionaire soon, as you have to be in it to win it!



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