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Mr Green now Signor Verde in casino gaming naming country?

Published on by Adam

Mr Green Casino soon to be launched on regulated Italian online gaming market Perhaps Mr Green wanted to follow the example of Net Entertainment which company already has established several ‘contacts’ (by signing license agreement contracts) with some of the biggest ‘players’ on the Italian iGaming market.

Italy part of gaming history

Or maybe Mr Green Casino just wants to mark its presence in a country that’s not only famous for ‘foodstuff’ like lasagna, spaghetti, Chianti and of course pizza but also for its rich culture and the historically important role it has played throughout the ages on both European as well as an international level (think of the Vatican and the Roman Empire). If Italy would have never existed our world of today would have looked completely different (and definitely would be a lot less ‘tasteful’) and we actually wouldn’t be reporting over here about ‘casino’ gaming, Netent ‘Casinos’, ‘casino’ games and so on.

Because after all it were the Italians who invented that ‘games of chance’ should be played (mainly by 19th century Italian upper class and nobility) in little (garden) houses or pavilions on the premises of their estates. In the Italian language a ‘little house’ is translated as a ‘casinó’ (note the accent on the ‘o’, because ‘casino’, thus without the accent, rather means ‘brothel’) so eventually a place where games were played was called a casino, hence our modern every day usage of the word for exactly the same institution.

Netent also ‘fortissimo’ in Italy

Whatever the exact motifs might have been for Mr Green Casino to in January of this year acquire the Italian branch of MyBet Casino, evidently aimed at the regulated Italian iGaming market, fact is this week the renowned casino saw their license, thus originally granted to MyBet, approved by the Italian online gaming regulating authorities. So this means Mr Green will soon launch its exclusive ‘Italian only’ online casino (probably during the coming second quarter of this year) which makes us want to congratulate both the Italian players (that will gain an exciting additional option to play their favorite casino games in) as well as the Mr Green Casino (that will probably become one of the major players on the Italian iGaming market too) and, last but not least, Net Entertainment…

Because as we all know Mr Green is one of the most complete Netent Casinos as listed on our website with practically all available Netent games on offer (and even more as the casino is the proud owner of the ‘Mr Green Casino only’ video slot The Marvelous Mr Green, a video slot game that was especially designed and produced by Net Entertainment exclusively for the casino. So it’s more than likely (if not ‘dead sure’) the Italian Mr Green Casino will also offer ‘All or almost all’ Netent powered casino games to its players just as it does on its current website to an international group of online gaming enthusiasts.

On top of this Mr Green CEO Mike Pawlo has stated that the casino didn’t enter the Italian iGaming market to be ‘insignificant’ and thus wants to become a major ‘player’ on the second largest online gaming market of Europe. And of course this means also the position of Net Entertainment as one of the biggest providers of high quality casino games to licensed Italian online casinos will be heavily consolidated with Mr Green Casino as an important games distribution channel.

Find out more about Mr Green Casino

Mr Green entering the Italian iGaming market seems to be a clear ‘win-win-win’ situation for all parties involved and we’re already curious what the Italian version of Mr Green (‘Signor Verde’?) Casino will look like. For more information about Mr Green Casino, their games on offer, their casino bonuses and promotions and all other useful details about this self-declared ‘casino playground’ you can have a look on the Mr Green Casino review page in our guide.

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