MrCasinos and Tropezia Palace win best online casino helpdesk award?

Published on 24 November 2014 by Sebas

MrCasinos has most generous helpdesk of all Netent CasinosA couple of days ago my esteemed colleague Rhi published a very interesting article about her experiences with the customer support services in different online (Netent) casinos. After being an editor for for almost 2,5 years now, of course I’ve been dealing with the majority of the helpdesks in the Netent Casinos as listed on our website too. And up to a certain point my experiences with helpdesk assistants in online casinos are similar as those of Rhi, however…

Supporting tips for online casino support

Rhi’s article (which, in my opinion, should be ‘mandatory literature’ for both players as well as online casino customer service agents) provides us with some useful tips that might help to improve the communication between the two parties, thus increasing the chance the customer gets want he wants from any online casino helpdesk agent: adequate and satisfactory helpdesk assistance…

And while the player, after the problem is solved, subsequently quickly can return to playing his or her favorite Netent casino games in the Netent Casino, the agent has fulfilled his or her job description ‘comme il faut’ (or maybe even ‘en excellence’), so in the end… everybody wins!

Recently I had two remarkable encounters with Netent Casino customer services, which are, in my opinion, worthwhile to relate about over here and share with our readers. The first one was at MrCasinos… (the second, at Tropezia Palace, I’ll describe in a separate article).

MrCasinos helpdesk generously proactive: Stop the bonuses, please!

A couple of days ago I needed to find out something about the welcome bonus for new players at MrCasinos and luckily their Live Chat (normally available daily from 08:00 hours until 22:00 hours CET) was online.

After filling in my name and e-mail and submitting to open the MrCasinos chat almost immediately I was greeted with a cheerful:

(10:10:12) Anna: “Hi there, Seb! My name is Anna! How can I possibly be of your assistance today…?”

I explained to Anna I wanted to know about their welcome bonuses for new players, and she replied with the quite standard:

(10:10:32) Anna: “Just a moment please Seb, I’m verifying your account…“

“Ok, thanx…”, I replied (at ‘hh/mm/ss’ 10:10:37)

The rest of the conversation went as follows:

(10:10:47) Anna: “Seb, I’ve just credited your account with 15 Free Spins on Netent video slot Wild Water!”
(10:10:52) Seb: “Wow! Thanks Anna!! But what I actually wanted to know is if the Mr.Casinos … …”
(10:10:52) Anna: “Just a moment again please, Seb,,,”

“Ok…”, I 10:10:54, already getting scared it would take a long time before I would have my answers…

(10:11:00) Anna: “I see you’ve already have been using your MrCasino welcome bonus?”
(10:11:09) Seb: “Yes, indeed, I did… it’s been a while already… I’m very sorry… … …
(10:11:14) Seb: “But what I REALLY wanted to know is if the MrCasinos first deposit welcome bo…”
(10:11:14) Anna: “Just a sec, Seb…, please…”
(10:11:18) Seb: “Ok, no prob…”

(10:11:26) Anna: “Seb, I’ve just credited your account again with 15 Free Spins on Netent video slot Big Bang”
(10:11:40) Seb: “Djeez,.. Thnx again, Anna… I dunno what to say!”
(10:11:43) Anna: “Never mind Seb, you’re very welcome…!
(10:11:53) Seb: “Yes, so I’ve noticed… But can you please, PLEASE, explain me about the CURRENT MrCasinos welcome bonus for new players… players who subscribe to your wonderful online establish….”
(10:11:54) Anna: “You’ve already used your welcome bonus Seb”
(10:12:02) Seb: “I know Anna! I DON’T WANT THE WELCOME BONUS!”
(10:12:10) Anna: “You don’t?”
(10:12:11) Seb: “NO!”

(10:12:15) Anna: “How about 20 more Free Spins on video slot Starburst then?”
(10:12:18) Anna: “Already credited… Is there anything else I can help you w…”

(10:12:20) Anna: “Yes, that’s correct… 🙂 Also UK players can claim this bonus… Is there anything else I can do for you?”

(10:12:22) Seb: “No, not at this moment… You were a great help! I not only got the answer to my question but within 2,5 minutes I’m also 50 Netent Free Spins richer in MrCasinos! 🙂 Thank you very much again for your help and generosity and have a splendid day!”
(10:12:27) Anna: “Anytime, Seb, I’m glad I could help out… Don’t hesitate to contact MrCasinos again and have a wonderful day yourself too! Bye!
(10:12:29) Seb: “Bye!”

(end chat)


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