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Net Entertainment changes ISIN! (and, btw, becomes NetEnt AB)

Published on by Adam

Net Entertainment becomes  NetEnt AB and changes ISIN for their sharesI can almost ‘hear’ most readers of our Leading Netent Fansite thinking: “What-the-heck is that ‘ISIN thing’ you state Net Entertainment apparently has changed?”. I hope you don’t mind but it’s just my little trick to get you interested and eager to …

…exactly, to read more… And now you did, you did ‘well’ as potentially very profitable info lies ahead …

Net Entertainment, NetEnt: what’s in a name?

Well, in this case… ‘Net Entertainment NE AB’ as an official company name pretty much says it all… ‘Net’ of course referring to the internet and ‘Entertainment’ to the thousands and thousands of hours filled with exhilarating amusement, experienced by millions of players from all over the world while playing on the wide variety of high quality and state-of-the-art online casino games as developed by Net Entertainment.

The ‘NE’ in the name (probably) stands for ‘NetEnt’ and ‘AB’ (definitely) stands for ‘Aktie Bolag’ which means ‘limited’. So this is actually ‘what’s in the name’, but…

Net Entertainment and Netent: same thing…

During time and by consequently using both ‘Net Entertainment’ as well as ‘Netent’ when referring to the same Swedish – Maltese and world leading casino games innovating company, also de much shorter denomination ‘Netent’ pretty much became synonymous for online ‘fun’, ‘excitement’, ‘amusement’, ‘diversion’, ‘generosity’, ‘fair-play’, ’high pay outs’, ‘joy’, ‘happiness’, ‘celebration’, ‘having a great-, big-, good- or amazing time’ and so on, most of which words are synonymous for ‘entertainment’ too.

I myself as an editor use ‘Netent’ the most in my writings and in many cases not so much to refer to the company (for that I mostly use ‘Net Entertainment’), but rather as a ‘characteristic’ implying ‘qualities’. For example, a video slot is a video slot… but a Netent video slot is a NETENT video slot, complying with the highest standards of quality in game design, (innovative) game features and (subsequently) overall gameplay.

…but not anymore: now it’s only ‘NetEnt’.

Apart from this detail I guess the only rule to either use ‘Net Entertainment’ or ‘Netent’ is… there is no rule and as far as I’m concerned… I like to use either one ‘as it fits’. But as of today I can’t anymore…

Because apparently one day a decision had to be made and apparently that day has come this week, because as of now ‘Net Entertainment’ officially has to be preceded by the word ‘formerly’ in phrases, as what (formerly) was officially referred to as ‘Net Entertainment NE AB’ now has officially become ‘NetEnt AB’. And as a direct result of that decision also yours truly from now on will only use ‘NetEnt’ (instead of ‘Netent’) and ‘Net Entertainment’ still randomly once in a while.

More important NetEnt news than above ‘Babylonian confusion’

The above change in name is accompanied by an (automatic) payout of dividend to the Netent shareholders with of a total of 199,5 million Swedish Krona, about 21 million euro. Each share of the shareholders (both NetEnt ‘A’ and ‘B’ shares) will be ‘split’ in 2 shares, of which one, the so-called ‘redemption share’, will (automatically) be redeemed at SEK 5 (= about € 0,53) per share. Another option is to sell the shares on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange during the trading period between the 13-th of May and the 27-th of May 2015, but after this date all ‘redemption shares’ will be redeemed by NetEnt. Shareholders should see the amount of shares they own multiplied by SEK 5 in cash on their bank account on the 8-th of June 2015.

The operation is best illustrated by below example:

NetEnt shares redemption

The redemption of shares makes part of NetEnt’s policy to every year distribute capital to its shareholders of at least 50 percent of the profit it has made (after taxation). This year’s distribution is higher than last year’s (when only SEK 3 per share was paid out) which can be considered a good indication of the company’s current profitability and financial position.

New ISIN for NetEnt shares

Last but not least also the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) connected to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ NetEnt shares have changed and now are the following:

NetEnt A share = SE0007074810

NetEnt B share = SE0007074828

If you’re a shareholder of the world’s leading online casino games developing company NetEnt we congratulate you with the upcoming ‘return-to-player’ dividend payout on the 8-th of June and if you’re not… maybe you should consider becoming one as profits are guaranteed!

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