Guns N Roses Slot Release Date January 21st 2016

Published on 28 October 2015 by Rhi

Guns N Roses Video Slot Release Date January 21st 2016

Back in February 2015, at an exhibition, ICE, in London, NetEnt unveiled their plans to release a Guns N Roses slot, in cooperation with the band itself. This was huge news in the casino industry, a collaboration that any developer or casino would move mountains in order to be a part of but it was NetEnt that got the gig. Working together on a slot for a name as well known as Guns N Roses is a great opportunity for NetEnt to really go all out and show just what they can do with today’s technology and also to introduce themselves to a whole new target market. Guns N Roses have a dedicated following, people who are likely to look into any thing new related to the band. They might not be slot players in general, but they’re bound to show an interest in this new game and become a whole new army of fans for NetEnt.

Guns N Roses Slot: It’s all About the Music

It’s a slot based on Guns N Roses, of course the music for this new game is going to be the most important part (well, other than winning maybe). I have a feeling we can expect a full sound track of actual Guns N Roses songs to accompany this slot. No doubt there will be their biggest hits playing in the background and maybe, even the chance to select your favourite Guns N Roses slot. I like this idea as generally, I mute slots and have my own music instead but Guns N Roses fans will love playing the slot based on their favourite band, with their favourite songs blaring out of the game!

Video Clips

I don’t think that the world famous members of Guns N Roses could properly be represented as graphics, so I have a feeling there will be plenty of actual photos of the band or maybe even some video clips of them backstage or performing, to make this feel more like an all round fan experience, rather than ‘just’ a slot. These are big characters and they’re going to want to leave their mark all over the Guns N Roses slot, so I’m really expecting something huge when you hit a ‘big win’, like maybe a celebration from the band themselves!

Guns N Roses Slot Release Date

By the time it comes out on January 21st 2016, it will be almost a full year since the Guns N Roses slot was announced. We get so many questions from our readers on when the game is coming and it’s been super frustrating to not be able to answer. I’m happy now that a date has been set and I cannot wait to get the first video footage of this groundbreaking new slot from NetEnt!


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