Net Entertainment CEO Per Eriksson on Bloomberg discussing the future!

Published on 12 September 2014 by Rhi

Now Per has featured on American-founded TV channel Bloomberg- arguably the widest known financial news centre in the entire world, which broadcasts 24 hours a day. This is perfectly scheduled to fit into Netents recent announcement that they’ll be expanding operations into North America by 2015. Net Entertainment CEO Per spoke about his desire to co-exist with traditional land based casinos and even hinted that they’d love to team up with the big guys in Vegas to help get their land based operations online to reach their punters, even when they’re at home.

Netent in North America

Before it was closed in 2005, due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA, America was the largest online gaming market in the entire world, so the gradual re-opening of such a country is big news for Netent and great news for Netent lovers as you can be sure that such a step will include great changes, developments and fun stuff along the way. The opening up of America will be a slow process but here at Netent Casino we know that Net Entertainment will be leading the way!

Mobile vs Desktop Gaming

Per conducted himself perfectly in his Bloomberg interview. He discussed the opportunity of growth of gaming within the mobile sector, admitting that Netent currently see’s around 13% mobile activity, which he expects to grow upwards of 60% in the coming years.

Per goes on to explain on Bloomberg’s ‘The Pulse”, how it’s not as simple as just viewing your desktop games on a mobile device- each game needs to be rebuilt to fit for perfect game play on the (usually) smaller devices which just goes to show how much work Net Entertainments team will be doing these next few months plus it means we can expect a huge surge of Touch releases, all of which we’ll make sure to inform you about!

This is also timed perfectly with Apple’s recent launch of the new, huge, iPhone 6 Plus screen which, along side other mobile and tablet devices, will make gaming on the go easier than ever.

Online Payments

Another hot topic discussed in the 4 minute talk on Bloomberg, was online payments and their safety. Every day we hear about a new hacking scandal online, but Per was quick to assure viewers that online payments in gaming are amongst the safest in the world and, when the company is processing over 16 billion transactions in a single year, you know you can rely on them. With the fast changes in the online world gaming providers need to make sure they can keep up, as do payment providers. Whilst Netent are working on ensuring as many games as possible work on desktop and mobile devices, payment methods are working around the clock to ensure they’re as safe as possible.

This interview is another great mark for Net Entertainment in building their name across the world and shows once again, why they’re the biggest name in casino games.


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