Net Entertainment “Did you know that”: Netent shares no gamble at all!

Published on 23 February 2014 by Sebas

Did you know Net Entertainment is listed at the Stockholm stock exchange? Regular readers of our Net Entertainment online guide book already know it’s the most complete Netent fan website around. Still we feel some aspects of Netent deserve some more attention, and therefore “Did you know that”…

As we strive to also stay the most updated and complete Net Entertainment guidebook online, we’re proud to present to our readers regular returning “Did you know that” news items. In these particular posts we will of course highlight some lesser known facts about the market-leading casino games and casino software developing company Netent, but also trivia about casinos, online casino gaming, casino games et cetera, purely to boost our reader’s knowledge and understanding about the subject(s).

In this first “Did you know that” news item we want to foreground the fact Net Entertainment as a company is listed at the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. This means anyone can buy and trade Netent shares and the board of directors of the company logically can be held accountable for its actions by its shareholders.

Some people state buying and trading stocks is a “risky business” comparable with… gambling in a casino: the chances of winning are equal to the chances of losing, or worse, one probably loses…

Well, the history of Netent shares and the company’s overall figures shows something completely different. Some factual figures (since 2008 and until 2012):

  • Yearly revenues have grown from 205 million Swedish Krona to 526 million Swedish Krona;
  • Earnings per share have increased from 2,02 to 3,37;
  • Shareholder’s equity per share has increased from 2,95 to 7,30;
  • Dividend per share has increased from 1,25 to 2,25;
  • Average number of employees has grown from 70 to 257.

Not only because of these numbers we can hardly consider Net Entertainment shares a “gamble” or a “risk”. Who has followed our news flashes about the company must have noticed (especially in the last two years) Netent has closed numerous license agreements with major online casino gaming operators and, by doing so, consequently has entered various regulated markets, thereby consolidating and expanding its market share. Obviously this also indicates a very bright financial future ahead.

So if you’re into stock exchange “gambling” besides playing the exciting Net Entertainment powered casino games maybe your best bet to win the Netent jackpot is to become one of the Netent shareholders. If not, then maybe you should have a look at the page about Caribbean Stud Poker where you’ll find all information about this game and its jackpot that regularly pays out “dividend” up to thousands of euros.


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