NetEnt casino games now also added to PokerStars website!

Published on 17 May 2015 by Sebas

PokerStars now also with NetEnt games! Who says ‘online casino games’ says ‘NetEnt’ and who says ‘online poker gaming’ says ‘FullTilt Poker’ and / or ‘PokerStars’, the latter now also having added a selection of the best NetEnt video slots to its online poker room website…

Following the example earlier this year (in February to be exact) of its twin ‘brother-in-(poker)-arms’ FullTilt Poker, last week also PokerStars has added a selection of NetEnt games to its portfolio of online gaming options. Although for various reasons already a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved, it might turn out it’s NetEnt that eventually scoops the most valuable ‘jackpot’.

Why or what do PokerStars and FullTilt Poker win offering NetEnt games?

Of course PokerStars and FullTilt Poker still are (and probably will always be) primarily directed towards online poker gaming. However, offering NetEnt casino games to their players in addition to their traditional online (poker) gaming portfolio can have significant benefits:

  • First of all casino games available in an online poker room can attract new ‘types’ of clients, for example poker players who are also interested in playing casino table games and / or video slots and, vice versa, online casino players who are also interested in poker;
  • Secondly, an additional online casino section in an online poker room means extra revenue for its operator on top of the revenues it generates with its online poker business. As a matter of fact, Amaya Inc., the Canadian company that owns both FullTilt Poker and PokerStars, has predicted no less than 13% of its total revenues over 2015 will be covered by its casino and its (yet-to-be-integrated, mind you) sportsbook products.
  • Thirdly, by integrating specifically NetEnt casino games into their casino gaming portfolio (and not the games of ‘just’ any other online games developing company) FullTilt and PokerStars show their clients also regarding online casino gaming they know how to provide ‘quality’.

What does NetEnt win providing casino games to FullTilt and PokerStars?

The ways in which NetEnt wins by delivering its casino gaming products to PokerStars and FullTilt Poker are the following:

  • Firstly their products now also are available to the millions and millions of online poker gaming enthusiasts that daily visit the FullTilt Poker and PokerStars websites to play their favorite poker game;
  • Secondly, via PokerStars and FullTilt Poker, and by the fact both are licensed to operate on various regulated European iGaming markets, NetEnt will be able to ‘mark its presence’ (or consolidate its position) on those same regulated markets;
  • Thirdly, by providing their games to the Amaya Inc. owned platforms NetEnt truly has ‘made it’ to the ‘Premier League’ of online poker gaming as PokerStars and FullTilt Poker are two of the world’s largest online poker rooms, together practically dominating the complete online poker gaming business.

Splendid! A perfectly balanced ‘win-win’ situation!

Well, at first sight maybe, with 3 major benefits for PokerStars and FullTilt Poker and also 3 advantages for NetEnt as a consequence of their ‘cooperation’, but only if we leave the fourth, and possibly most important ‘reward’ for NetEnt out of the equation…

Because as it happens Amaya Inc. at this very moment is in the process of obtaining an online casino gaming license issued by the state government of New Jersey in the US of A, and as you probably know this is also a regulated iGaming market NetEnt has set its mind on. By the license agreement deal with Rational Group / Amaya Inc. and the subsequent addition of NetEnt casino games to the websites of FullTilt Poker and PokerStars it can very well be this ‘long-cherished’ wish of NetEnt becomes reality rather sooner than later and at the moment this is the case you’ll read all about it on the Leading NetEnt Fansite!



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