NetEnt- Even Better Gaming Through NetEnt Innovation Week

Published on 2 September 2016 by Lemba

Many companies claim to be innovate and few really are. NetEnt is one of those few companies that takes innovation very seriously and to pay tribute to its innovative culture in a playful way, the leading casino game developer organises Innovation Week for its staff across the world. For one exciting week all regular schedules and process are thrown out of the window and employers can learn and experience different things so they can be their best selves at work and in daily life.

Playtime for NetEnt employees at NetEnt Innovation Week

NetEnt’s staff are a special bunch and they have a lot to say about this special week at the company. Platform developer Richard says about this week that it’s “about gather new ideas that are going around the different departments of the company. It’s about how to use your imagination and apply new and different thought processes. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone”. There are all sorts of lectures, workshops and seminars staff members can attend and where people can learn new things that can be applicable both in the work place as well as in daily life.

Rebecca, who works at NetEnt’s legal department, says that her work can involve quite a lot of stress and it is great that she and her colleagues have the opportunity to focus on mindfulness and other techniques that are offered during Innovation Week to cope with stress.

NetEnt as a way of life

Prathiba works as a Team Coach at NetEnt and she claims that working at the company is not just a job, it’s a way of life. She says “Innovation week is some sort of adventure where you don’t know what is around the corner and with whom you will work with”. This all is very exciting. Information Manger Vincent enjoys that employees can experience what other department do and improve one’s own skills in the process.

Techies Anton, Maciej and Piotr, who work as a – Front-end developer and as development managers respectively, talk of the hacking competition ‘Code in the dark’, where there is just a great vibe. In general, “during NetEnt Innovation Week we can get away from our regular work and do something different, something that is creative in a different way.”

As most employees are saying; NetEnt’s Innovation week is a week like no other, in which staff gets to create what they want and it’s an opportunity for NetEnt to get the very best out of its people.

With Innovation Week NetEnt proves yet again that its fantastic and innovative products are developed by its fantastic people, who are given the opportunity to push the boundaries and the result is fabulous slot games for us!

Enjoy NetEnt’s latest releases Secrets of Atlantis and When Pig Fly and get ready for the third instalment of the NetEnt Rocks trilogy Motörhead, which will be on general release on 22.


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