NetEnt means change, but only if new and (definitely) better…

Published on 7 June 2015 by Sebas

NetEnt means change but only if it's innovative...Never boring, our ‘editorial’ job at, the ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’… Why not? Well, simply because we’re dealing with the world’s leading casino games developing company that’s always looking to ‘change’ things…

NetEnt = change (almost per definition)

I would have loved start this paragraph with in the title ‘definitely’ per definition instead of ‘almost’, but (luckily) I can’t… Because although Net Entertainment (definitely) focuses on changing things, some ‘things’ about NetEnt (definitely) will always stay the same. With these ‘things’ I mean the company’s core-values, principles and ‘standards’ like: high(est) quality, integrity, honesty, fair-play, high ‘return-to-player’ pay out percentages, creativity and, above all… innovation.

‘Innovation’ is a keyword at Net Entertainment and of course innovation (definitely per definition) means ‘change’. Better even: innovation is a change which ‘re-news’ and normally the term is used in a positive way to describe something ‘old’ which has (with one or more ‘adjustments’) turned into something (a lot better) ‘new’. While ‘change’ in that sense can be anything: change can be for the better or… for the worse.

NetEnt = innovation (definitely per definition)

So although Netent is definitely ‘in for a change’, per definition this change must lead to an innovation and thus per definition to something new and better. Now let’s (randomly) pick some changes that have taken place at (or concerning) Net Entertainment lately, and how these changes can be considered to be an innovation…

The fact: NetEnt announces to (as soon as possible) even the gender divide in their staff personnel

The change / innovation:

  • New: a 50-50 division in female and male staff instead of only 40% being female staff workers.
  • Better: probably more games directed to the fast growing market of female online casino visitors and, as far as I’m personally concerned, a very good example for any other company of ‘just the right thing to do’.

The fact: video slot Guns n’ Roses this year’s Netent ‘flagship’ casino gaming product

The change / innovation:

  • New: as a ‘branded’ video slot (developed by NetEnt in cooperation with Universal Music) the first ever Netent slot dedicated to a real existing (rock) band.
  • Better: this opens the door to similar exciting NetEnt video slots to be released in the future, themed by ‘icons’ in the music business. Want some suggestions? Video slots ‘Can you reel it?’, ‘Like a Virgin Wild’, ‘Slow Hands: The Slot’, ‘Sticky Fingers, Sticky Spins’ and video slot ‘Slim Shady’s Scatter Rap’ (respectively themed by The Jackson 5, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones and Eminem, all bands and artists also signed to the Universal Music Group).

The fact: NetEnt managing director Björn Krantz sets up office in the US

The change / innovation:

  • New: NetEnt doesn’t only marks its presence on the (emerging) North-American iGaming market by having signed ‘game providing agreements’ with various online gaming operators licensed for this market, but now is also ‘physically’ represented.
  • Better: further expansion of the distribution channels of NetEnt gaming products in the near and distant future and thus further  consolidation of NetEnt as an iGaming market leader.

These three examples of how NetEnt ‘changes’ things into ‘new’ and ‘better’ of course is ultimately expressed in the company’s mission statement: ‘Better games, for better gaming’.

Keep an eye on more changes and innovation to come…

I could have used numerous other examples of how NetEnt constantly tries to improve its products, its company and the iGaming business in general but the most important message I want to pass over here is that those ‘changes’ are definitely ‘innovations’ (and implemented without losing the company’s core values as mentioned above).

And (last but not least) the only way you can keep track of those innovations is of course to daily visit our fansite and consequently always be ahead of whatever NetEnt is up to… Stay tuned!




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