NetEnt Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Video Slot Release Date 22nd October 2015

Published on 13 August 2015 by Casino Admin

NentEnt Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Video Slot Release Date 22nd October 2015As you may have seen in our latest news article, we have the scoop on some of the latest releases expected from NetEnt in the coming months. Learn what is coming up next for our eager readers and NetEnt fanatics, right here. Things are looking up for gamers everywhere.

Introduction to Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Slot

Although, all we have to go on so far are the names but in this case the name does give away quite a lot about the theme. As the name has both the words ‘Immortality’ and ‘Pyramid’, I have a strong suspicion that players can expect a full blown mummified treasure hunt!

Mummies, you say?

Yes that’s right, I could very well be wrong but I have a strong suspicion that mummies will play a major part in this upcoming slot. Mummies, are of course the mummified dead pharaohs of ancient Egyptian lore, and have sort of a mythical reputation of being immortal guards of treasures buried with their seemingly dead corpses. Could this be an indicator of what is coming up?

It would be a fairly safe bet to say that the theme will have something to do with Egyptian lore, I would at least suspect a couple interesting Wild card features, maybe something including a bonus metre? As it has been a while since we last saw a NetEnt slot with an ingame bonus metre.

Quest for Immortality?

Perhaps this part of the title holds more importance, being on a quest for immortality would be an appealing theme for many gamers as well, as we most usually want it all in this life. Off the top of my head, I would assume the name has something to do with a journey, and immortality could very well be synonymous with winning a jackpot. As what would make you more immortal in regards to slots than hitting the jackpot?

We can neither confirm nor deny what is coming up, if there will be a bonus-metre or a jackpot feature, is more difficult to speculate from just a game title. However, I have a hunch that I am right regarding the theme, I expect us to see some mummy madness in October!


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