Netent Frankenstein Video Slot Review

Published on 27 February 2015 by Rhi

Netent Frankenstein Video Slot Review

Of course the themes of Netent video slots are “serious business”, that is, some are, and some themes are a little bit more lighthearted. One of the more serious themed video slots is video slot Frankenstein, as it’s a true video slot adaptation of the original classic movie from 1931 with the legendary Boris Karloff in the role of The Monster. But there’s another classic movie that can be linked to the “branded” Netent video slot (because a cooperation between Net Entertainment and Universal studios) and that motion picture isn’t just “lighthearted”, it’s plain hilarious!

Movies about The Monster of Frankenstein run into the thousands, but only a few are really memorable. Of course the one from 1931 that forms the theme of Netent video slot Frankenstein is among them, and as far as we’re concerned there’s just one other movie about The Monster that can be called “classic”. That’s the 1974 Mel Brooks parody “Young Frankenstein”.

In this hilarious comedy Gene Wilder plays the scientist Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, a great grand-son of the creator of The Monster, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and he inherits the family’s estate in Transylvania. First he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his ancestry but he becomes intrigued and decides to continue the family’s tradition to create The Monster himself.

At one point he sends his assistant, the hunchback Igor (played by Marty Feldman), out to steal a genius brain to implant into The Monster. Igor however messes up and comes home with the brain of Abbie…

“Abbie who?”, Frankenstein asks, after having brought The Monster to life, “Abbie Normal”, Igor answers.

The described scene is just one of many that will make you roar with laughter. The movie is one of our all-time favorite comedies and comes highly recommended.

Back to the “serious” Netent video slot Frankenstein…

The with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 (adjustable) bet lines equipped video slot has several types of Wilds: Lightning Wilds during the main game and Fire Wilds during the Free Spin mode. Of course these Wilds replace all other symbols (except for Scatter symbols and, in Free Spin mode, the Multiplier symbols) to create winning bet lines and are so-called Linked Wilds, which means they transform 2 or more adjacent symbols into Wilds too.

With 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels you’ll get 10 Burning Mill Free Spins. Every Free Spin round guarantees you a Fire Wild on reel 2, 3 or 4 and on reel 5 the Multiplier symbol can appear. Every time it does it will increase the Multiplier from x 2 up to a maximum of x 5.

Extra Free Spins can be won: 2 Scatters will award you 5 extra Free Spins and 3 Scatters will give you 10 extra Free Spins. However, the Free Spin Multiplier will not be applied to extra won Free Spins.

Video slot Frankenstein is one of Net Entertainment’s masterly produced casino games, with beautiful graphics and animations and, due to the special game features, fascinating gameplay. Besides this, the video slot can give you absolutely “abbie” (normal) winnings. Check it out!


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