Netent Free Spins grant guide editor big win at Laromere! (part two)

Published on 14 July 2014 by Sebas

Netent Free Spins initiate substantial win on StarburstIn my last published article I related about the 10 Netent Free Spins I received as a bonus from Netent Casino Laromere, and which generosity eventually earned me € 1.250 on my casino account, ready to be cashed out… or so I thought… Because one of the people that had gathered to watch me “hitting it big time” on Netent video slot Starburst, she herself an avid fan of the Netent casino games, suddenly remarked: “What about the T & C´s?”.

It felt like someone had slapped me in my face and I immediately snapped out of my flush of victory…

Because… well… because… maybe because I was still a little bit distracted after the unfortunate loss of the Dutch team against Argentina at the World Cup Football in Brazil, maybe because the “smooth as silk” game play (and according winnings) on both Netent video slots, maybe because (Thank God!) it was Friday or maybe just because it was my sister´s birthday…

Whatever reason had been behind my unforgivable, irresponsible and thoughtless behavior, fact was I had clean forgotten to check the Terms and Conditions (T&C´s) of the Laromere Netent Free Spins bonus, something I normally ALWAYS do!

A quick look on the T&C´s that Laromere applied on this particular Netent Free Spins bonus confirmed what I instantly had feared: the maximum amount of “real money” that would be paid out as Free Spins bonus winnings was set on (“only”) € 100. So although my balance showed the amount won of € 1.250, in reality only € 100 from that amount would be paid out. The remaining € 1.150 would be forfeited in case of a withdrawal.

When everybody in the room (my family, friends, neighbors and loads of people I only vaguely recognized, if at all) who were still ecstatically celebrating my winning spree, finally understood “things weren´t quite what they seemed”, the inevitable “cold turkey” immediately set in…

Most people, myself included, were confused and bewildered at first, then they became sad, then angry, didn´t want to accept it, felt betrayed, robbed, stripped from human dignity… Some started to cry, someone threw up and again an ambulance had to be called for someone who (again) had fainted.

Now… in Part One of this series about “important online casino gaming life lessons” we learned it´s wise to register at as many Netent Casino´s as possible to benefit from as many casino bonuses as possible too.

In this second part the most important lesson is to always meticulously read the Terms and Conditions that are applied on a Netent Free Spin bonus, a welcome-, reload-, or “No Deposit” bonus, a cash back bonus or whatever kind of casino bonus or promotion…

This will avoid any disappointing “hangovers” afterwards when it´s time to settle scores with the casino and “what you think you have” is not exactly “what you think you have”, like in my case. In part three about my Laromere Netent Free Spins bonus win again some important lessons that can be learned out of the event that will help you to increase the quality of your Netent Casino gaming experience.


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