Netent jackpot update: big Hall of Gods jackpot winner wins again!

Published on 14 May 2014 by Sebas

Netent jackpot winner wins again at BetssonWe’ve just received a press release of the illustrious Betsson Netent Casino that makes us really wonder! Apparently another Netent jackpot was won last Monday in this (in big jackpot wins grossing) online casino and the story is almost too good to be true (although we are confident Betsson wouldn’t tell us any fairy-tales).

The story is this:

Last year a lucky Swedish player swooped up one of the biggest jackpot wins at Betsson, cashing out an amazing € 6,7 million won on Netent jackpot video slot Hall of Gods. Well, according to Betsson the same player tried his luck last Monday night on jackpot video slot Arabian Nights (that has a jackpot that’s accumulated locally at Betsson) and whattayaknow… The guy hit the jackpot again, this time winning € 1,8 million!!

The expression “Some have all the luck” is certainly applicable in this case, but it’s actually not the first time the same player “hits it big” on one of the exciting (and millions of euro’ s in jackpot prizes generating) Netent jackpot video slots.

We vividly remember the Dutch female player who won millions while playing on a Netent jackpot video slot at CasinoEuro, just to repeat the same feat a couple of weeks later in the same casino and again on a Netent jackpot video slot. So maybe the expression “When it rains, it pours” might be true in a negative connotation (“bad luck never comes alone”), for these players it can be interpreted very positive too: it was already raining millions, after which they really started to come pouring down!!

Of course (and as usual) we congratulate the lucky player with his second (staggering fortunate) big win and also Betsson that can pride itself in again having to pay up another substantial Netent jackpot prize.

Online casino players who want to try to be the next Netent millionaire it’s best to spend some dimes on video slot Hall of Gods that currently holds € 6,5 million in its jackpot. The Mega jackpot of video slot Mega Fortune at this moment has € 1,4 million waiting for a “big hitter”.

For a substantial jackpot win on video slot Arabian Nights it’s best to go over to Unibet casino where its (locally generated) jackpot has over € 850,000 to be paid out. Good luck!


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