Netent jackpot update: video slot Mega Fortune pays out € 3 million!

Published on 14 March 2015 by Sebas

The jackpot of video slot Mega Fortune has been hit!As usual directly after a Netent jackpot has been won by a lucky player in one of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos  we only know the specific jackpot has been hit, and that’s about it. But while we’re waiting on any further details about the most recent millionaire-making pay out on Netent jackpot video slot Mega Fortune, we might as well highlight some remarkable aspects of this famous Netent video slot.

Update: Winner Announced

We managed to spot that the jackpot had fallen as we were spending some leisure time spinning away on Wonky Wabbits and happened to notice the reduced Mega Fortune Jackpot. However these things are never announced instantly, as the player account has to be checked and verified, as well as the win. When you’re talking about such huge payouts, the casino needs to be sure that everything is in order.

We can now announce that the €3+ million jackpot was won by a Norwegian player in a Norwegian focused casino. He’s from the far north of Norway and managed to hit this lucky jackpot on the unluckiest of days: Friday 13th! Even more unbelievable is how bad the day started out for this player…

I wanted to deposit 1000 NOK, but I made a mistake and deposited 1000 euro instead, which is 8 times more. I wanted to cancel the transaction, but it was too late.

Clearly it was fate, and this annoying mistake turned out to be the luckiest blunder of his life!

Video slot Mega Fortune: the record

Of course the most renowned of its ‘remarkable aspects’ is that video slot Mega Fortune still holds the record as the casino game that has paid out the biggest online jackpot win in the recorded history of the casino gaming human kind. This amazing event took place in January of 2013 when a player won no less than a staggering € 17.8 million in PAF Casino, earning both this Aland based casino as video slot Mega Fortune an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

However, this particular feat of video slot Mega Fortune has already been highlighted a million times before (of which several times by yours truly over here in our news flashes) while at the same time the game’s more recent history also shows some peculiar properties…

A year in the life of video slot Mega Fortune

For example, looking at the last 5 Mega jackpot wins on Netent video slot Mega Fortune the game has paid out € 2.9 million, € 5.6 million, € 2.5 million, € 5.6 million and € 3 million (this last jackpot win). Although these jackpot pay outs in itself aren’t really ‘mind-blowing’ (as we’re quite used to Netent video slot Mega Fortune having to pay out millions of euro holding jackpots) but the story becomes a lot more interesting when you know that all these jackpots were paid out in less than one year! This basically means video slot Mega Fortune is capable of paying out no less than € 19.6 million in jackpot wins per year.

What’s up with video slot Mega Fortune and Swedish players?

A second ‘curious’ fact is that the 4 Mega jackpot wins before this last one on video slot Mega Fortune all ended up in the pockets of a Swedish player. As a matter of fact, in case it turns out this most recent jackpot win again was scooped by a fortunate Swedish punter we might consider emigrating to the Scandinavian country and assume Swedish citizenship (as this apparently brings considerable jackpot luck).

What’s up with video slot Mega Fortune and certain Netent Casinos?

Last but not least the 4 above mentioned jackpot wins were recorded in only 2 Netent Casino’s being Unibet (and its subsidiary Netent casino gaming establishment Maria Casino) and LeoVegas Casino. So if you’ve never set a (virtual) foot in one of these casinos yet maybe the seemingly increased chance of winning a Netent jackpot in their online casino will motivate you to do so as soon as possible.

Win a Netent jackpot in one of the Netent Casinos (whoever you are)!

All the above considered to win a Netent video slot jackpot it might seem a) you have to have the Swedish nationality and b) you have to be playing the video slot in either a Unibet casino or at LeoVegas Casino. However (and you can quote me on this), this is absolute nonsense as a) a Netent jackpot can be won by anyone and b) in any safe and reliable Netent Casino offering Netent jackpot games. On the pages on our website dedicated to the Netent jackpots you can read how.


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