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NetEnt Live Casino Takes Real-Life Casino Tables to the Virtual World

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NetEnt Live Casino Takes Real-Life Casino Tables to the Virtual WorldAfter the technological progress necessary for the transition from physical casinos to online casinos happened, it wasn’t long until these new approach to gambling/betting set the world on fire. And now that online casinos are appearing on the scene at unprecedented speed, the gambling/betting business has never been this big.

Several advantages of online playing were immediately felt, such as: convenience and commodity, mobility, anonymity, easy access to several games and gaming options. However, somewhere along the line, players started to feel the absence of something essential to the whole casino experience; and that something is the social element present in human interaction. It naturally followed that, in light of this collective desire expressed by players, large-scale game providers such as NetEnt took advantage of the technology at hand to work its magic and inject some human touch into its games. The result was NetEnt Live Casino.

The Birth and the Basics of NetEnt Live Casino

NetEnt announced back in 2012 that it would release NetEnt Live, and the next year, they kept their promise by delivering it in its first iteration. Since then, NetEnt has been hard at work to enhance the experience for players. Since then, several big players in the world of online casinos have been adopting NetEnt Live Casino

In the ‘Live’ version of an online casino game, you will have the play to take to a virtual version of a table of a game, say, such as roulette or card games such as blackjack, or punto banco. You will connect with a real-life croupier/dealer who will be visible through a webcam, and you will play against the croupier/dealer and other players who take a virtual seat at the same table. High-speed internet connection these days allows for live streaming, and you will interact with the croupier/dealer while also seeing the roulette ball spinning or the cards being shuffled, laid on the table, etc.

Betting is done in a fashion similar to how it is done on slots. You will transfer funds into your account and use those at the table. Then, you will follow instructions by the croupier/dealer. Your winnings will be added to your account right away in a style similar to winning chips at a real-life casino.

When playing blackjack, all the moves available in a real-life or flash version are available here. So, you can hold, split, double, or draw a new card at will.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s unsurprising that NetEnt Live Casino is so popular considering the list of advantages it entails. The first and most obvious, as stated earlier, is the live feel you get from playing this version of your favourite casino table and card games. You can interact with the croupier/dealer in real-time, creating a strong feeling of being in a brick-and-mortar casino. Also, you have the option to voice chat with other players sitting at the table with you.

One more advantage players claim Live Casino has is that there is an increased sense of fair play. You will be following all actions the croupier/dealer takes live, which gives you a stronger sense of being in control of things than RNG (Random Number Generated) games tend to give.

The next advantage comes when the online version is compared to a real-life casino table. How many times have you been to a popular real-life casino, and you had to wait in line to get a seat at a table. NetEnt Live Casino dispels this problem as there will always be a seat for you at its virtual tables.

Other advantages include anonymity, and no need to show yourself on camera. So, playing live while wearing your pyjamas and your hair tousle has just become a possibility!

Disadvantages, on the other hand, are just a few. One of the only ones we can think of at this time are that flash-based games actions tend to be faster than on live casino counterparts. Another one is that until now, there is no free version made playable for players who want to test things out to get a feel before placing real-money bets. Hopefully, this will change at some point in the future.

Where You Can Find NetEnt Live Casino

Have we tickled your fancy by now? Hopefully, we have. So, if you’re looking for some solid and reliable online casinos that endorse NetEnt Live Casino, some of our recommendations include Casumo, Bethard, and Comeon. So, take your pick, head over to the casino, collect the welcome bonus, and get playing at the virtual tables of NetEnt Live Casino!

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