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NetEnt office tour with correct answers (to correct questions)!

Published on by Adam

Last week we already showed above footage of the tour Per Eriksson gave around the NetEnt offices in Stockholm, probably sometime in January of this year. Below you’ll find the correct translation of some of the questions and answers yours truly either completely mis-translated in the former article or completely didn’t understand at all (which is basically the same…).

Questions and answers during the NetEnt office tour

  • Is this the first meeting you’re having today? – No, I’ve had a few already.
  • Describe NetEnt – World leading developer for online casino games.
  • How many employees? – At the moment 640
  • Where do you operate besides Stockholm? – Kiev, Malta, Gibraltar, Gothenburg and New Jersey.
  • Do you all ever meet up? – At least once a year, on NetEnt Day.
  • How would you describe what you do to your grandmother? – We are an online Las Vegas.
  • How many transactions do you handle per year? – Last year 16 trillion, which is 22 times more than the New York stock exchange handles per year.
  • What was the theme of the last Xmas party? – The Invisible Man.
  • Per, is it true you play tennis with Björn Borg? – Yeah, that’s actually true.
  • What is unique about NetEnt – Our company‘s atmosphere.
  • What are you most proud of? – Our enormous expansion.
  • With what amount did you increase your share value in 2014? – 94%
  • How much do you expect to increase it 2015? – Time will tell…
  • What is the weirdest question you ever have been asked by a journalist? – Probably yours.
  • What trip do you dream of? – Antarctic ones.
  • What is the next NetEnt game success? – This will be revealed in a few weeks on “ICE”, the world’s biggest online casino conference.
  • One word that describes the type of leader you want to be? – Transparent.
  • What is your most important work tool? – My mobile.
  • Any pets? – One rabbit, a dog and a horse.
  • Describe your company culture with one word – Fun.
  • Your favourite piece? – My slalom sticks.
  • How would your colleagues describe you? – Happy and honest.
  • What is the main reason to start working at NetEnt? – Fantastic company culture with quick developments.
  • What is the weirdest job you have ever had? – Christmas tree planter.
  • Have you ever opened Maya (3D graphics and animation development software) yourself? – No but I do use this sometimes? (puts on oculus rift…).
  • How many vacant positions do you have at the moment? – Over 60.
  • Could you apply for any of these positions? – If I get a little better at (working with) Maya maybe…
  • Have your games ever won any prizes? – Yeah, several…
  • How many games are currently in your portfolio? – Over 200.
  • What would you have worked with if not IT? – Professional golfer.
  • Are you happy with how the Swedish gaming market is regulated, yes or no? – No.
  • How many days do you spend travelling annually? – Roughly 150.
  • Per! How many children do you have? – 4.
  • Are you yourself part of the creative process at all? – Everyone here is.
  • What do you do in the weekends? – Drive my children around. This weekend I’ll be driving a horse-van.
  • How many new employees did you employ in 2014? – 214
  • What are new employees the most surprised about when starting at NetEnt? – Our company culture and consistent change.
  • What jobs are you most commonly offering? – Programming.
  • When was the last time you were truly impressed by your colleagues? – Every day, most recently in the innovation room.
  • What shows do you follow right now? – *inaudible answer*
  • Do you get creative in your pillow room? – Yes, variety is key.
  • Any new year’s resolutions? – Yes, I will sort out the attic.
  • What book are you reading currently? – The Expedition, a love story.
  • What is your favourite attraction at “grönan”(Swedish amusement park ‘Gröna Lund’) – Free Fall.
  • What do you miss the most from your time at Dell and Dustin? – All the lovely colleagues. Also the gazelle in reception at Dell.
  • Where do you get inspired? – In nature.
  • Favourite film? – Limitation game.
  • Do you prefer sprinting or marathon running? – Both, at Netent we run a marathon at sprint speed.
  • Trisslott (Swedish scratchcard) or Mega Fortune? – Mega fortune
  • How many women are currently in the leading manager group? – 4, which makes up half of the group.

Lastly Per is asked to draw his self-portrait and as NetEnt is the ultimate creative company he immediately starts to draw a cartoon of himself on the office window until someone tells him he won the bet he made on NetEnt Live Casino Roulette earlier… “Did I? Nice!” he replies animated, after which the reporter thanks Per for his time and the latter ends with: “Thank you, it was fun”.

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