The Netent Poker table games part 1: an introduction

Published on 9 February 2015 by Sebas

Read all about the Netent poker table games in our series of articlesOnline poker gaming has experienced a tremendous ‘boost’ in popularity the last decades. Also Net Entertainment has developed various ‘flash casino’ games based on the illustrious card game, which in a series of articles we’ll highlight over the next coming days.

Poker playing progressively popular

If there’s any card game that has gone through a remarkable development the last 100 years (or so) it’s definitely poker. Invented centuries ago (and at some points in history primarily maligned and condemned to illegality by the authorities) the ever popular game first had its ‘breakthrough’ when it was legalized in the early 20-th century by the US state of Nevada (in which gaming ‘Mekka’ Las Vegas is located).

Still a relatively ‘obscure’ game, the second ‘boom’ in the popularity of poker came in the 1970’s when for the first time poker tournaments (of course organized by casinos in Las Vegas) were broadcasted ‘live’ on television, thus bringing the game under the attention of a greater public. When viewers could follow the game rounds even better by inventions like ‘hole-card’ cameras the game eventually turned into a full-grown (and billions of dollars moving) spectator sport.

Poker definitely became a worldwide ‘craze’ the last decade (and up ‘til now) with the development of the internet and the possibility of playing poker online. At this very moment probably millions of poker fans are logged in on one of the many websites connected to a poker network to play their favorite poker game (available 24/7 and year-round) against millions of other players from all around the world. All they need is a reasonably stable internet connection to be able to play the popular game from the comfort of their own ‘Home Sweet Home’, while making part of what is believed to be ‘the fastest growing gaming community on the internet’.
Nowadays players can even play poker ‘whenever they want, wherever they are and wherever they go’ on a mobile device and by a special app provided by most poker gaming websites.

Poker gaming and Net Entertainment

With the popularity of poker games (for example shown by the many Netent Casinos that, besides Netent games of course, also offer a poker room to their players) it’s no wonder Net Entertainment has developed a range of high-quality ‘flash’ casino games based on the original card game. There are of course the Netent video poker games (of which the company released 4 brand new ‘Double Up’ versions only last year) but Netent also has produced a collection of poker table games that even more resemble the actual card game and are equally highly appreciated by many players.

The Netent poker table games

The poker table games as developed by Netent are based on 2 poker variations, Texas Hold’em poker and Stud poker. However, Net Entertainment has given their poker games their famous innovative ‘touch’, so each has its own distinct rules, game play and game features. The Netent poker table games are:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Professional Series
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Caribbean Stud Professional Series
  • Oasis Poker Professional Series

As stated these games all have their own specific (and quite exciting!) characteristics which make it worthwhile to examine thir ‘ins- and outs’ further by a proverbial ‘closer look’. Therefore in the coming days and in a series of articles we present each and every one of the Netent poker games over here to our readers in the form of an extended game review.

Play the Netent poker table games for free… or wait…

You could of course rush to the Netent Table Games section on our website to immediately start playing any of the Netent poker table games for free. You can also be patient and wait for the first article of the series over here, which will be about table game Netent Texas Hold’em Pro. Stay tuned!


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