Netent Pontoon Pro is like Black Jack but with extra win chance

Published on 30 April 2013 by Casino Admin

Netent table game Pontoon Pro same as Black Jack (but different)

Card games come in many different forms and even the different forms sometimes have several variations that, although with the same basics, can be quite different from one to the other. As you know there are many variations on the popular poker game, like the Netent table games Texas Hold’em poker, Trey poker, Caribbean Stud poker etc. can testify. Also the Netent Black Jack game has an exciting “different but the same“ subspecies, being Netent Pontoon Pro.

Netent table game Pontoon Pro is basically a Black Jack game with the same game features and game rules as the normal black jack version. Also in Pontoon Pro you need to come as close as possible to 21 points (without surpassing this number) by buying cards that have the same card value as in Black Jack: numbered cards from 2 ‘til 10 have their own value, the King, Queen and Jack are each worth 10 points. The Ace, again the same as in normal Black Jack, can both represent 1 point and 11 points.

Also the gameplay of Netent Pontoon Pro table game is identical to that of Black Jack in which you get, after you’ve bet your stake, 2 cards dealt. You could already have 21 in case you get an Ace and a 10 points card from the dealer and in Black Jack that combination is called “Black Jack”, while in Pontoon Pro it’s called “a Pontoon”. In both games this combination pays out double your wager (2:1).

All other Black Jack game features like splitting two identical cards, doubling your wager, sticking and drawing are available in Pontoon Pro too and thus far there’s no difference between the two games.

The big distinction however is that with Netent Pontoon pro you’ve got an extra chance to get your wager back in double and that will occur if you have a hand of 5 cards and 21 points or less. In that case you have what’s called “a Charlie” and will pay out your stake also 2:1.

Especially the last feature of Netent table game Pontoon Pro will guarantee many exciting gaming hours and makes it worthwhile to check out this game in the reliable Vera & John Netent Casino that also offers almost all other Netent casino games.


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