Netent Pooled Jackpots Still Total Over €11Million in March 2015!

Published on 19 March 2015 by Rhi

Netent Pooled Jackpots Still Total Over €11Million in March 2015!As you may know, the pooled Mega Fortune jackpot from Netent was hit just last week, paying out a whopping €3million to one lucky Norwegian player. However, despite this huge payout, the total of all Netent jackpots still available to be won, remains a staggering €11million. €11,668,805 to be exact (at the time of writing anyway!).

It’s a testament to their popularity that, even after the €3million jackpot explodes, leaving one game needed to be topped up again, the rest of the games still total almost €12million. Netent’s pooled jackpot games are some of the most popular the world over, with Mega Fortune even holding a World Record for the biggest jackpot ever on and online casino. But what makes them so huge? Well, to make a jackpot amount you need players. Each time someone spins the reels a portion of their stake is fed into the jackpot total, so the more you play, the higher it goes. Of course then, the more players are feeding the same jackpot total, the faster it grows and the higher it becomes.

With the ‘pooled’ jackpot slots from Netent, players from all casinos are feeding the same jackpot total, so for example players from Casino Saga and Anna Casino are both feeding the jackpot, meaning twice as much money going in. When you consider how many casinos are offering these games, you’ll understand why the jackpots are so high.

Currently, at the time of writing, the jackpot amounts stand at:

Hall of Gods: €5,886,359
Arabian Nights: €2,360778
Mega Fortune Dreams: €3,066,350
Mega Fortune: €355,308

and as every spin is topping up those amounts, by the time you read this, those amounts will most likely be much higher, or maybe by then, some lucky player will have become a millionaire! I have always thought that if only I’d been given the chance to be rich, I’d be really, really good at it, and these slots give anyone and everyone the chance to become richer than they could imagine. But you have to be in it to win it, so rather than feeling jealous that some dude from Norway just scooped a mega prize, make sure to have a spin every now and again to be sure you’re also in with a chance of winning.


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