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Netent responsible online gaming versus the Viva Las Vegas! experience

Published on by Adam

Netent casino games support responsible gamingAn interesting article today in a Dutch newspaper that actually showed why it’s better to play the Net Entertainment powered casino games in an online  Netent Casino, than (basically the same) casino games in a land-based casino. First a short description of what the article informed:

Apparently an US businessman lost half a million dollar while playing (mainly) Black Jack in a Las Vegas (Nevada) casino. That, of course, in itself isn’t very note- or newsworthy, if it wasn’t for the fact the guy was drunk while doing it and now sues the casino for letting him play while intoxicated.

The article furthermore relates more or less the following:

  • the man already entered the casino after having consumed 10 drinks;
  • the casino kept giving the man alcoholic beverages and credit;
  • the poor sot couldn’t see his cards straight and at one point even momentary blacked-out;
  • the casino kept “drenching” him in both (loaned) casino chips to play with and free Gin-Fizz;
  • he stayed for 17 hours.

The guy refuses to pay his debts and has built his case on stating the casino should have stopped him. By law Nevada casinos are not allowed to receive people that are drunk on the casino-floor and, according to the article, even less are allowed “to serve alcohol to gamblers that are drunk already” (please mind the “quotes”: I didn’t write it…).

Viva Las Vegas, with a hangover the next morning that hurts like… yep, losing $ 500.000 the night before at the Black Jack table (while hardly remembering even having fun!).

Of course we feel a bit sorry for the unfortunate player and whether he’s right or not: his disastrous inebriated Las Vegas casino visit shows why playing in an online Netent Casino is quite preferable.

First of all, to play on a casino game developed by Net Entertainment you have to funds on your account. It’s impossible to borrow credits from a Netent Casino to play the Netent games.

Second, all Netent games offer the possibility for both the casino operator as the player to set certain bet limits. By activating these restrictions a Netent Casino can protect a player from exaggerated gaming.

Third, after every hour of gameplay a reminder message is sent to the player that needs a response.

So even “Drunk as a Skunk” while playing, let’s say, Netent video poker game Joker Wild or a game such as Netent jackpot Bingo in a safe and reliable Netent Casino…  the Netent casino games themselves will stimulate the players towards “responsible gaming”. In that way the player stays happy, loyal to the casino and keeps on pleasantly playing forever more (while enjoying a delicious Gin Fizz).

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