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The Climb Begins with NetEnt’s 7th The Challenge Episode!

Published on by Adam

The penultimate episode of NetEnt’s The Challenge series sees the participants finally start their journey to the top of the mountain. We’ve been waiting to see the group in action, with the amateur mountaineers taking on one of the toughest tests of their lives.

NetEnt’s many employees from across the globe have helped to prepare the team as best they can, but it’s now up to Alice, Tomas, Averil and Dhiraj to see if they can overcome the final (and biggest) hurdle!

Watch “The Climb” by NetEnt in full above and see our summary below.

One Last Bit of Encouragement from NetEnt

Picking up from where we left off last week, host Mimmi has a few final words of advice for NetEnt’s 4 climbers, with the group describing a healthy mixture of nerves and excitement.

Before the first steps, Mimmi had a little surprise for the gang…

Yes, I am quite nervous. But we have the team, so we’ll go! – Averil

Demonstrating NetEnt’s tight-knit culture, despite numerous nationalities, offices and locations, a compilation of good lucks from employees around the world had been collated.

Plenty of people lined up to wish their co-workers the very best of luck – with a few funny jokes thrown in!

After Dhiraj explains his mantra, influenced by a 13-year-old Everest conqueror, NetEnt’s The Challenge team get on their way!

Alice Describes How NetEnt Slots’ Maths is Put Together

Ever wondered how the best slot provider in the world calculate their maths? Do you think it’s just a case of entering a few commands into computers? If so, think again!

Getting video slot maths just right is a crucial element of design, especially in an industry where fairness is consistently checked. Alice, a Game Mathematician, walks us through the process.

We decide how many of each symbol is going to be on the reels to make the game unique, fun and exciting – Alice

She describes her role as “designing the mathematical models behind the games”. It’s a hugely interesting job for gamers too, as it’s part of her duties to decide what value each symbol has to land those coin wins.

Using many “idea sessions”, Alice says the maths team are constantly coming up with ways to make the games extra fun.

As for Alice herself, she’s a scout leader which could well prove to be invaluable once the mountain becomes difficult.

She also states that the people at NetEnt are the best part of working at the slot provider, with Alice especially fond of the “yes, we can fix that” attitude.

As the Mountain Steepens, the Team Splits in Two

Although the team came prepared, it’s impossible not to be slightly overawed by the Alps. Despite making good progress, the mountain is taking its toll on energy levels as the gradient becomes steeper.

Coming from Malta, Averil describes how she’s “not really used to the terrain”, so all the snow has certainly taken her out of her comfort zone.

Getting this far is teamwork, for sure. The snow is getting kind of soft so you’re slipping a bit, and that takes up so much energy – Tomas

As the group get closer to the top, they’re forced to split into two pairs – Averil and Tomas being one and Alice and Tomas the other.

They make sure they’re both tied together after learning from last week’s guides, with the incline now becoming a huge factor. Taking care to follow the guides’ instructions, the team begin the toughest part of the ascent before the episode finishes.

Will the NetEnt Flag Be Placed at the Top!?

With just one more episode of The Challenge remaining, will the chosen group be able to make it?

They’ve shown tremendous perseverance to get to where they are now, but we all know that the final section is the trickiest part.

Next Monday will have all the answers, as the final The Challenge episode by NetEnt airs. Check back in with Netent Casino to see what happens next!

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