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Netent video slot Dracula fools vampire friend and foe (and almost us)

Published on by Adam

Screen shots of upcoming Netent video slot DraculaWhen I first saw the above (and below) screen-shots of ‘branded’ Netent video slot Dracula (to be released on the 23-rd of April) I must confess I was really shocked and confused. It was absolutely nothing that I had expected and the more I looked at the images of the new upcoming video slot, the more intrigued I became… But you can’t fool a hardcore Netent news reporter!

The ghost of Steamtower shame still haunting!

Video slot Dracula screen shotIt really keeps being an as intriguing as amusing pastime to (based upon ‘the name of the game’ only) wildly, and sometimes even ‘recklessly’, speculate (or plain ‘fantasize’) about what a new upcoming Netent video slot will be about and what its exact game theme will be.

Using my lively imagination and highly skilled associative capabilities I personally estimated video slot Steamtower to be about special piled (steam) cooking pots, while my eminent colleague editor Petra (of our Dutch fansite speculated the game would be about some Icelandic geo-thermal phenomena (apparently something like a geyser).

As it turns out she couldn’t be more wrong as the game really is about the Steampunk movement (“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before!”) while I was partly right stating it would be about something ‘piled’, like a tower… and with steam… or something like that… Now with guessing the theme of upcoming video slot Dracula
I almost made the same predictive error, while this time I couldn’t be more sure of my case…

What’s the theme of Netent video slot Dracula?Video slot Dracula intro screen

When back in November 2014 I informed our readers over here about a ‘branded’ upcoming new Netent video slot called ‘Dracula’ that (once again) was developed by Net Entertainment in cooperation with the legendary Hollywood feature film producing company Universal Studios, there was no doubt in my mind the game would be about the epic 1931 horror movie with legendary actor Bela Lugosi starring as Count Dracula.

After all, at the time this as famous as iconic early Hollywood flick started a real Dracula ‘craze’ worldwide, and over the years many sequels would be released that were based on the classic original (which is actually what happened with the movie ‘Frankenstein’ too, the other ‘Universal-film-production-turned-into-a-branded-Netent-video-slot’).

Same vampire, different Dracula?

Video slot Dracula Free Spins activated But when I finally came to see the screen-shots of the game as shown over here in this article, to my great surprise nothing I saw even remotely referred to the 1931 cult horror movie! No original movie ‘stills’ (in black and white of course) of Bela Lugosi as the count leaning over a next victim or actually putting his vampire teeth in someone’s neck. No depictions of the count resting in his coffin, viciously looking spreading his cape or staring at us with his hypnotizing eyes, nor any images of recognizable props or famous scenes that could be linked to the 1931 movie.

Instead we see a ‘Dracula’ that looks appropriately ‘grim and sinister’ but also at least 20 years too young and looking more like a long-haired modern day rock star or male ‘super-model’ instead of the traditional blood-sucking creep as portrayed in 1931 by Bela Lugosi. I quickly realized my assumptions regarding the game’s theme had been (partly) wrong… again…

Netent video slot Dracula about… Dracula (untold)Dracula video slot Free Spins mode

Upon immediately researching the real theme of new upcoming branded Netent video slot Dracula I discovered Universal Studio as recent as in 2014 has released another Dracula movie called ‘Dracula Untold’.

And yes, what we see by the images of the Netent video slot Dracula over here is definitely more (if not ‘completely’) in line with the atmosphere of this particular Universal movie that, by the way, tells the ‘untold’ story of how a noble Transylvanian prince eventually turns into an eternal living monster (with super-powers) only to protect his family, people and country from invasions by foreigners.

So now we know where the first to be released ‘branded’ Netent video slot is about and (more or less) what it looks like we hope Net Entertainment any time soon releases video footage of the game, so we can also get a first impression of its special game features and overall game-play. As soon as Netent actually does, you’ll be the first to know and see it over here!

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