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NetEnt’s 2017 Q3 Roadmap Released!

Published on by Adam

NetEnt’s 2017 Q3 Roadmap Released!Time sure passes quickly. It feels like just yesterday when NetEnt revealed their game roadmap for the 2nd quarter of 2017. With Butterfly Staxx – the last title for this season – less than one month away, they’ve almost already come full circle…or shall I say, ‘quarter circle’? And while we are waiting for that closing title to land, we’ve just received the good news that NetEnt’s 3rd Roadmap is out! From the titles and tidbits of information we have so far, we believe we’re looking at a season packed with yet more exciting titles. So, let’s take a look at what NetEnt has in store for us this summer! And make sure you mark your calendar with all the launching dates as there will surely be plenty of free spins from top casinos to follow!


Universal Monsters (Title TBA)

Horror movie fans, rejoice! If you’ve been a NetEnt fan for some time, you’re most likely familiar with their game Dracula. This branded game was an initiative to create a slot spinoff of the cult classic movie by the same title – Dracula. Originally, based off Bram Stoker’s Gothic Victorian novel, the movie adaptation stole our hearts (hopefully, not literally) in Francis Ford Coppola’s movie adaptation.

Then, we also had The Invisible Man – another misty story of mystery based on the famous eponymous novel by one of the fathers of sci-fi literature – H.G. Wells.

And we also saw Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein being adapted into a NetEnt slot, following the numerous movie adaptations this classic story has spawned.

NetEnt has realised the success the Universal Monsters spinoffs carry, and is revisiting the horror franchise by bringing us another classic horror story based on a horror movie adaptation. But this is where NetEnt is leaving things enshrouded in mystery – we don’t know which horror icon is going to grace the reels just yet. Will it be the Werewolf? Or perhaps, the Mummy? Or even Gill-Man?

The wait won’t be much longer, it seems, as we will have details of what’s in store in NetEnt’s spooky crypt early in June. And the game is scheduled for 24th July, 2017.


Emoji Planet

Shifting things to a more upbeat and funny note, the next title in line is Emoji Planet. This is also another branded game, just like the Universal Monsters title, but as one can easily guess, the theme and feel will be worlds apart.

Ever since social networks and smart devices became a more integral part in our lives, people have been getting more and more creative to make things fun. That’s when emoticons were born – a sort of shortcut key to express your feeling at the moment when text chatting, messaging, or commenting. Now, Emoji is a coined word borrowed from the Japanese language. ‘e’ simply means picture while ‘moji’ means letter/character. This is what emoticons are called in the land of the rising sun. And both words start with the letters ‘e-m-o’, and the Japanese version is shorter, it sounded like a good idea to just borrow that!

So, the question is – what is an emoji slot going to play like? We can clearly imagine that the symbols will be emoji expressions for different feelings/states/activities. But what are the special features going to look like. I have my curiosity piqued. How about you?

We’ll have to wait until 23rd August to get our hands on this world bursting with fun. However, stick with us as we’re sure to get a good glimpse of it early in July.


Wolf Cub

We don’t need a lot of guesswork for Wolf Cub as this has already been released as a limited-time exclusive at Betsson. The game follows the adventures of a wolf’s cub througha  chilly winter forest (much needed when the summer temperatures get unbearable!). This cute and animal-friendly kind of game plays as a 5-reel, 3-row game with 20 pay lines and our friendly, little wolf sitting on the left-hand side of the reels.

Special features in the game include:

  • Wilds (5 can give you 2000 coins)
  • Free Spins (3 or more Scatter Symbols activate them)
  • Free Spins Mode – the sum of Scatter Symbols with numbers on them is calculated for the number of free spins to be awarded
  • Blizzard Feature – If the same symbol is stacked on reel one, all other same symbols on other reels spread towards reel 1 to fill the spaces. Wilds can also do that.

So, now you can either head over to Betsson to try Wolf Cub out or you can wait it out till 7th September when the game spreads to other casinos.

The Legend of Shangri-La

The Legend of Shangri-La is also leaving us to our imagination as to what it will turn out to be like. But we can safely deduce that this game will depict a mystical and magical world as present in the British novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. It since in the story, Shangri-La was a fictional Himalayan utopia, the game will probably be set in a Far East setting, perhaps a little similar to NetEnt’s enchanting game Lights. However, since we’re talking about a Legend here, hopefully we’ll also have characters to follow on a quest that will unfold a story just like with NetEnt’s Fairytale Legend series.

This mountain gem will close the 3rd Quarter NetEnt game line-up on 21st September. Meanwhile, we hope to have more information to share about it in August.

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