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NetEnt’s Hotline Video Slot Release Date 22nd March 2018

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NetEnt's Hotline Video Slot Release Date 22nd March 2018We’ve just heard that a new NetEnt slot has been pencilled in for Q1’s new 2018 casino games, but before you get too excited it’s likely to be a name change rather than a brand-new title. That’s because the 22nd March 2018 Miami Pursuit slot release now looks to be called Hotline instead.

So, a few questions: is it confirmed that Miami Pursuit has been changed to Hotline slot? If so, what affect does the name change have on our initial scope of the game? Furthermore, what could have been the reason for NetEnt going with another moniker?

We’ve got answers to all those questions plus more.

NetEnt's Miami Pursuit Looks to Have Been Replaced with Hotline Slot

Is the Miami Pursuit Now Called Hotline, 100%?

The short answer is, probably. The fact that Hotline has the same 22nd March 2018 release date as Miami Pursuit strongly suggests that it is replacing the latter, but whether it’s the same game with a new title or not is up for debate.

What Could Have Caused NetEnt to Change the Name?

It’s perfectly plausible that NetEnt’s creative minds have simply done-away with the Miami Pursuit plot in favour of something new.

On the other hand, it’s more likely that they just ran into copyright or other trademark issues when it came to filing the name for use – forcing them to amend.

Our verdict? It’s probably just the same slot with a new name, and the reasoning behind this theory is partially due to the title being unbranded.

This means that a quick change would cause very little headache for the slot developer, aside from the disappointment shared by the creator who came up with Miami Pursuit, perhaps.

With Malta’s yearly iGaming summit SiGMA just a week away, we’ll be sure to check with NetEnt themselves to put the matter to bed.

Does This Change Affect Our Initial Outlook?

No. This is based on our assumption that NetEnt have just switched the name to Hotline from Miami Pursuit, so we’re still expecting this new casino game to house the same mechanics, features, payout system and the rest.

Miami Pursuit had us thinking of an action-packed thriller in the beautiful Florida city, and Hotline doesn’t deviate from that assessment.

As it’s unlikely that too much Hotline slot information will be heading our way at SiGMA, we’ll have to wait until early February to get a glimpse of what’s on the menu due to it being the last scheduled release of quarter 1.

And don’t worry, no matter whether Hotline is Miami Pursuit repackaged or an entirely new affair altogether, they’ll still be those release day free spins to look forward to!

A Quick Reminder of the Other NetEnt Slots Out in 2018

A Quick Reminder of the Other NetEnt Slots Out in 2018

And that ties us in nicely with the rest of NetEnt’s new 2018 slots roadmap:

Roll on 2018!

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