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These Iconic Jumanji Scenes Are All Becoming NetEnt Slot Features!

These Iconic Jumanji Scenes Are All Becoming NetEnt Slot Features!

Published on by Adam

If you loved Jumanji and are a fan of casino then you are going to be pretty excited about Thursday 21st June –  as the Jumanji™ Video Slot by NetEnt will be released. Even better, special slot features based on some of the movie’s most memorable moments are included. Do you remember these classics…?Which of the Following Jumanji Moments Do You Remember?

Due to the Jumanji world’s everlasting success and appeal (highlighted with the box office hit sequel, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), online casinos are queuing up to offer free spins on Jumanji™ Video Slot when it’s launched.

However, there’s no doubting the pressure NetEnt are under when they agreed to undertake the mammoth task of bringing this story to the reels.

Would they be able to do such a cult hit justice?

How would NetEnt utilise their official partnership with Sony?

Have they raised the bar too high with their Planet of the Apes slot innovation!?

Well, we can go a long way to answering those questions here. First of all, NetEnt’s Jumanji™ Video Slot casino game will be based entirely on the 1995 movie, rather than Welcome to the Jungle.

And secondly, NetEnt have cleverly recreated some of the movie’s most loved clips as dedicated Jumanji™ Video Slot slot features! Ready to travel back more than 20 years…?

Slot Feature: Monkey Mayhem

Remember the phrase: “This will not be an easy mission, monkeys slow the expedition”? It’s one of the first moments within the movie that we see the power of the board game, as our heroes are attacked by wasps before finding a bunch of monkeys wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

Well, those same cheeky monkeys will make random appearances as you spin the reels! However, in NetEnt’s slot, they don’t cause any sort of damage like they did in the movie:

  • Instead, they let the symbols settle before rearranging them in a way that suits you best.
  • You never know exactly how much the monkeys are going to give when they spring into action!

Slot Feature: Sticky Vines

It was a pretty scary moment when a giant plant appeared out of nowhere, trapping our child hero and attempting to swallow him whole! Thankfully, the random appearance of these plants in the main game of the slot are good news rather than bad:

  • In the slot, this feature provides another re-spin on a winning round.
  • The winning symbols plus any Wilds will be trapped in place by the winding branches of a sticky vine, giving us a guaranteed second scoop.

Slot Feature: Wild Stampede

“IT’S A STAMPEDE”! Possibly the most famous scene of Jumanji, of course, has it’s own feature. NetEnt have really pulled out all the stops to make this a magical moment, capturing the unexpected chaos of the original perfectly.

  • As the reels begin to spin longer than usual, your pulse is sure to race as the bookcase smashes open in dramatic fashion.
  • Rhinos charge across the grid to form a spectacular stampede, while leaving a tasty trail of Wild symbols behind them.

Slot Feature: Monsoon Wilds

Jumping crocodiles on your desktop and mobile casino screens will signal one of the Jumanji™ Video Slot’s snappiest features. Another scary scene saw the heavens open, forcing the protagonists to swim to escape a ferocious looking croc.

  • You’ll never know when this random slot moment will appear, but rest assured the crocodiles are only intend on giving you a helping hand.
  • Either one or two reels will be entirely covered by Wild symbols, potentially leading to big wins.

Our Jumanji™ Video Slot Slot Review Is On Its Way

Are you excited about this new NetEnt slot and want to find out more? Not to worry, as we have looked at in depth for your benefit and created a video  review that we are sure you will enjoy.

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest NetEnt slots and games video review on YouTube in the next few days.

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