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NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes Video Slot Release Date 23rd October 2017

Published on by Adam

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NetEnt has just rolled out its road map for the Q4 of 2017 and the upcoming title that caught our attention the most was undoubtedly Planet of the Apes. The release date for this adaptation has been set for 23rd October and we’re already stoked at the idea and curious to see how it unfolds.

Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for more concrete information about the game as well as the first official footage of the game, we’ve put together what we know so far. And now, we bring it to you, the reader. So, read on to find out what we know so far.

The Lore of Planet of the Apes

Since its first appearance as a novel by the French author Pierre Boulle in 1963, the story has been adapted and retold time and again in different forms. This science fiction contemporary classic tells a dystopian and apocalyptic story in which the human race and highly intelligent apes clash for survival. Central themes tackled in it are race, animal rights, and even The Cold War. To date, it has spawned 9 movies, with a 10th in the pipeline, a TV series, an animated TV series, books, comic books, video games, and other forms and appearances in popular media. It is considered by many as a cult classic, and is a box office hit at every turn.

Enter NetEnt’s Slot Adaptation

With such a wave of popularity laid out, it was only a matter of time until a video slot adaptation would be made. And thanks to NetEnt’s partnership with 20th Century Fox, NetEnt will be the one to do the honours for this branded slot prospect.

NetEnt are staying very low-key in terms of details about how the game will look and play. That being said, they’re announcing that despite the release date following just a few months after the latest movie adaptation War for the Planet of the Apes, the game’s narrative will cull narrative elements from the entire movie franchise, starting with Fox’s 2001 piece Planet of the Apes. This will make for a more fleshed-out and comprehensive narrative background for the game, rather than picking one single chapter.

Regarding gameplay per se, Per Erikkson, CEO at NetEnt, teased that the Planet of the Apes slot will not just be ready-made for handheld devices, which these days is pretty much an industry standard. He said the development team will go beyond this by delivering a game with signature features for mobile that will redefine the medium. What these features are, we simply do not know at this time. However, considering how playing slots on-the-go has exploded over the past few years, we are very curious to see how NetEnt will endow its mobile rendition with that little something extra to take it all one step further.

Getting Ready for Planet of the Apes

If you are a NetEnt game fan, and even more so a movie and/or fiction fan, getting wind of a branded slot such as Planet of the Apes being in the works is exciting news. While 23rd October still feels like a long time away, we will be waiting for any other details as well as NetEnt’s official first-footage to drop. And since this has the potential to be a big title, there is little doubt many top-tier casinos will be offering promo campaigns on the occasion of this game’s launch. So, stay tuned while we wait for Planet of the Apes to launch!

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