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NetEnt’s The Challenge Episode 5 Sees the Team Jet Off to the Alps

Published on by Adam

We’re more than halfway through NetEnt’s revolutionary web-series The Challenge, and it’s now time for the 4 (makeshift) mountaineers to set forth to the Alps to conquer their mission. After NetEnt’s innovation week took centre stage last week, we’re back with Mimmi and the rest of the gang as they make their final preparations before heading off to Geneva.

Will any of the team get any last-minute jitters? Let’s find out.

What to Pack Before Climbing a Mountain!?

We start episode 5 of The Challenge with Dhiraj, Alice, Tomas and Averil deciding what to take on their trip. We can only assume they’ve had plenty of help from fellow climbers and mountaineers (or at least been researching heavily online), as they seemed to have a pretty good checklist of the essentials.

Packing is a kind of multi-day process. I keep thinking of things that just might be good to have – maybe I’ll be really, really cold and need an extra hat! – Alice

As Averil is a NetEnt Live Casino dealer from Malta, she meets the rest of the team and Mimmi in Stockholm by catching an early flight. They all express their excitement for the upcoming task ahead, with Tomas reassuring them all that he’s brought a first-aid kit, “so if anyone gets hurt, I’ve got your back”.

Dhiraj, who takes on extra significance in this episode, then explains his fear of heights. When asked how he plans to deal with this, he aptly describes his intention to “not look down”.

Dhiraj Takes Us Through NetEnt – Including Meeting His Wife!

During the Life at NetEnt section of The Challenge episode 5, it’s Dhiraj who takes us through what it’s like to be a part of the Swedish games designer. Introducing himself as a 32-year-old Java developer, he describes his day-to-day roles before explaining that his role at NetEnt became full-time after starting as an intern from a consultant company.

The team members are very friendly which helps me to understand the culture – Dhiraj

However, Dhiraj saves his best moment until last, stating to the camera that he met his wife at NetEnt! We’ve known them for creating the best online casino slots around, but little did we know they’re also efficient matchmakers to boot.

A Climb to 3,600 Metres… to Get Started

The second half of episode 5 sees NetEnt’s The Challenge team head to Geneva airport to reach the Alps. Mimmi explains that the team will be hoisted 3,600 metres above sea level with the use of a cable car, this just to reach their base-camp. A perfect chance for Dhiraj to practice not lowering his gaze, then.

Some part of you feels like, “oh my god, can you actually climb that?”. And some part of me was like, “Yes!” – Tomas

Once they reached the top, an impromptu snowball fight ensued, with the team looking to blow off some steam before the seriousness kicks in. However, Averil was quick to point out the trouble Tomas would have been in if her hair had been ruined by this fight, although thankfully it passed without incident!

With one final shot over the breathtakingly beautiful Alps, episode 5 of NetEnt’s The Challenge was complete. Next Monday will see the team begin their climb to place the NetEnt flag at the top of the mountain.

Tune in to Netent Casino to see what happens next.

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