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Published on 28 May 2014 by Sebas

New Netent Roulette table games playable for free in our guideIn December of 2013 Net Entertainment surprised us with the release of a “new” casino game and this time it wasn´t an exciting new video slot or Netent Touch mobile playable game, but the European Roulette named table game. Apparently Netent felt the need to “update” this most “classic” under the authentic casino games and the result was a complete made-over version that duly deserved to be called a new game.

Last month the company surprised us again with the release of two new Netent roulette games, being French Roulette and American Roulette, today added to our guide and thus playable for free for a renewed acquaintance.

It seems Net Entertainment has initiated a trend in which they take to task some of their most popular (but already long-time existing) casino games to re-release them after a thorough update / upgrade and adjusting them to the game play standards of today.

However, as the essence of the classic casino game roulette stays (and probably always will stay) the same (a numbered spinning wheel, a little rolling ball on it and a betting player who needs to guess in which of the numbered boxes of the wheel the ball will eventually end) how can Net Entertainment improve the game play of such an established and iconic casino game?

Well, Net Entertainment wouldn´t be Net Entertainment (the world´s leading and most innovative casino games developing company) if they didn´t manage, as became obvious in December of last year by playing Netent European Roulette and now by playing French Roulette or American Roulette.

The new Netent table game French Roulette truly shows the classic roulette game as it is played in casinos all around the world. For example, most of the betting areas on the betting field are marked with their original French names such as “Pair” (= even numbers), “Manque” (= numbers 1-18), “Premier” or “P12” (= the first 12 numbers) et cetera. Also special bets and bets on the Race Track are almost all named in French.

American Roulette differs as it has an extra “00” pocket on both the roulette wheel as well as (logically) on the betting field, the sequence of the numbers on the wheel is different and the game has a simplified betting field. Also this version doesn´t have the “Special Bets” feature and on the Race Track only “Neighbour” bets can be placed.

All three latest released Netent roulette games (of which European Roulette can be considered as a mix between the other two versions) have very convenient features such as “Bet Highlighting” (which shows what numbers are included with a certain bet), Favorite Bets panel (where the player´s preferred bets can be stored) and a Dynamic Billboard (that shows which numbers are “hot” and which are not (“cold”).

To completely risk-less (because for free) try out these new Netent table games we advise you to visit the game tutorial page of French Roulette or have a look on the American Roulette tutorial page in our guide. If you want to play either game for real money you could pick an online casino from our overview as most safe and reliable Netent Casinos have already integrated the games in their portfolio.


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