Netent Dazzle Me Video Slot Release Date 24th August 2015

Published on 3 May 2015 by Rhi

Netent Dazzle Me Video Slot Release Date 24th August 2015Today I’m speculating as to what Netent’s August 2015 release, Dazzle Me, might look like. What features it might include, what images we can expect. So far, we don’t have any details so I’m just riffing, based on the name. What do you expect from someone when you want them to dazzle you? It depends on the situation I guess. When I want and interviewee to dazzle me I just want a friendly smile and friendly personality. When I want a man to dazzle me I want someone who laughs at my terrible jokes. But I doubt Netent could bring those qualities to life on the reels, so I’m going to take some hints from the small image we found and guess it’s all about dazzling diamonds and gems. A safe bet I’d say.

Back to Basics with Dazzle Me

My gut is telling me that Dazzle Me from Netent is going to be a fairly basic online video slot. Perfectly designed of course, with colourful, crips images and uplifting sound and background music, but simple in the way of features and symbols. I’m thinking diamonds and gems, numbers and fruits, just like the old school video slots.

If I’m right about the ‘back to basics’ idea then I don’t think there will be loads of extra features, just Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols to give players a little help with wining but no interactive bonus games or anything too fancy. We’ll all be so dazzled by the diamonds that simple is all we will want!

As always with these speculation posts, I could be totally wrong, so I’ll be looking forward to any teasers that Netent see’s fit to release, especially the video footage they usually bring out as a ‘trailer’ about a month before the release. Keep coming back as we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we hear the first whispers!

Other Releases

Netent has recently announced their next few months worth of releases which include;


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