NetEnt’s Driver Slot Release Date February 23rd 2016

Published on 30 October 2015 by Casino Admin

NetEnt’s Driver Slot Release Date February 23rd 2016

We have heard wind of yet another new release set to come from Netent in the near future. This time it’s a very different theme as to what we have seen before, players can expect to enjoy a first-of-its-kind video slot about revs, gear changes and horsepower!

It’s that time again, we have just got wind of a brand new slot being released from Netent and also managed to get a hold of the release date. NetEnt’s Driver slot is shaping up to be a real kicker, at least exciting me on a personal level as the main theme on this one is cars. Yet it’s always hard to speculate with any type of certainty, considering as well that we only have a title to go on so far, let’s dream together, shall we?

What would be cool to see this time around would be something in terms of Wilds, off the top of my head I would love to see similar game mechanics as in Jackhammer 2, instead implementing inter-connecting roads, maybe adding a a big win bonus upon connecting aforementioned roads and forming a track?

This game’s theme is basically begging for a bonus game, I would really love to see something where you could drive an actual car around a track and earn your win yourself, but as we are all aware, skill games are very rarely seen in slots, Netent slots provide some, but not many.

What We Know about NetEnt’s Driver Slot

Unfortunately, we have not got a lot to speculate from in regards to this Driver slot release, other than my wild hopes and dreams, it’s difficult to say exactly what we can expect to see in February. What we do know is that the title is “Driver”, short and simple and definitely implying a car aspect being present in the game.

We can expect to know more as soon as a trailer is released, until then we are left with our speculations. Let’s hope time goes fast and we can strap in and get spinning come February 23rd of next year.

What do you think the game will be about? Let us know!


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