NetEnt’s Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot Release Date February 11th 2016

Published on 29 October 2015 by Casino Admin

NetEnt’s Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot Release Date February 11th 2016

The previously exclusive Netent slot – Fantasini: Master of Mystery, has been announced to be available to the general public at all casinos from January the 14th, 2016. This slot is setting to be tweaked to perfection and released to the public soon. 

Netent’s Fantasini: Master of Mystery

This slot is in no way new, it has been available to players at Sportingbet casino for a number of months already. Which comparatively isn’t as exciting as actually having a new release to write and speculate about, for the obvious reason that the theme is already very apparent and game mechanics are already established.

However, a so called re-release also entails some tweaks and fixes to the previous game, it gives Netent a unique opportunity to see how a game has been performing at one particular casino, essentially exposing what players’ liked and disliked. Using this information, Netent intend to improve upon an already successful game by amending the existing platform to a degree that is more suitable for the average players’ gaming needs.

What can we expect?

I never like making blind speculations about unreleased games, I would not want to find myself being wrong in a few months time, but here it is!

I can imagine that Netent will take a look at the current ways to win, where the game currently has 243 ways to win, there is room to increase this number and maybe to complicate the way the winning lines combine the symbols currently. This game could also do with some more Wild symbols, as it only currently has the one, rather boring, symbol which can replace others on a winning line.

Personally, I feel that the actual theme is in dire need of some cosmetic surgery, as honestly the game just screams boring typical slot machine at the moment. Other than maybe ‘Escapist’, there is no prominent theme to found on this slot. Which in my opinion makes the game excruciatingly boring, players have come to expect more from Netent at this point and I think a re-release without any graphical adjustments would not impress most players. Which could likely result in the game ending up in the dusty chest of forgotten slots.



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