Spiñata Grande video slot all about Mexico? (release date 23-03-2015)

Published on 7 November 2014 by Sebas

New Netent video slot Spiñata Grande all about Mexico?Video slot Steam Tower (release date 23-02-2015) had us wildly guessing about what the game’s theme will be. About video slot Spiñata Grande, set to be released on 23-03-2015, it’s much easier to speculate more founded.

Of course the problem is at this moment we only have the names of the upcoming new Netent casino games (during the first half of next year 2015) so deducting what a new game’s theme will be and, if possible, discover any other characteristics or information about the new product can be a tricky task.

In the case of upcoming video slot Steam Tower, as can be read in the article of yesterday, we absolutely haven’t got a clue what the game will be about, or it must be the farfetched idea of a ‘steam cooking device’ as the video slot’s subject. Other names however already reveal much more about its possible features, as does video slot Spiñata Grande.

‘Spiñata’ of course is a pun, a ‘portmanteau word’ of the words ‘spinning’ and ‘piñata’, the latter being a device used during celebrations in Spanish speaking countries, mainly in Mexico. It’s a (normally) richly decorated container of clay, cloth or papier-mâché traditionally filled with candy, fruit and / or toys and which has to be hit and broken open by a blindfolded person with a wooden stick. The piñata ceremony or festivity has a long and rich tradition, appearing in different cultures and nowadays is a common event during birthday parties and other events in many countries around the world (while still mainly associated with Mexican culture).

So video slot Spiñata Grande (in which ‘Grande’ of course means ‘big’ or ‘great’) is probably themed by Mexican culture and players probably (maybe in a bonus game?) need to hit a piñata that will reward a nice coin win when broken open. We can already imagine the animation (of course in the highest quality 3D: both our imagination as well as the animation) when the piñata bursts open and showers us with thousands of coins after a big (maybe bonus game?) win!

As real piñatas are very colorful we expect the video slot Spiñata Grande to be very colorful too. The background music and sound effects will probably also refer to Mexico so we won’t be surprised if a mariachi band adds to the Mexican ‘feel’ and atmosphere of the game.

For more (and more correct) information about video slot Spiñata Grande we need to wait for the footage Net Entertainment releases about the game on the 2-nd of February 2015. Until then all the above written about the new Netent video slot is just an empty… piñata.


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