Steam Tower video slot is what’s cooking on release date 23-02-2015?

Published on 6 November 2014 by Sebas

Video slot Steam Tower most mysterious upcoming new Netent video slotIf it was relatively easy to fantasize and speculate about what upcoming video slot Tornado: Farm Escape is all about what to think about video slot Steam Tower, released in various Netent Casinos on the 23-rd of February 2015?

When yesterday philosophizing about the theme of new Netent video slot Tornado: Farm Escape we felt quite confident to state (although only based on circumstantial evidence) the video slot has something to do with the movie ‘Twister’ from Dutch filmmaker Jan de Bont. After all, this movie is the only known phenomenon (to us) which brings together ‘tornados’ and cattle (quite spectacular) ‘escaping a farm’.

No clues on video slot Steam Tower

How different the next upcoming new Netent video slot game, being video slot Steam Tower, to be released on the 23-rd of February, that doesn’t provide us with any clue at all that could reveal some of its possible theme and / or game play. A quick survey on the internet only shows a cooking device that (surprisingly enough) shows some features that actually very well could be linked to a video slot and video slot game play as developed by Net Entertainment.

Video slot Steam Tower themed by a Steam Tower?

A Steam Tower is a ceramic or porcelain cooking device, consisting of 3 or more (partly perforated) bowls that can be ‘stacked’ one upon the other and put in an oven to let steam prepare the food placed in the bowls. The content in the steam tower will mutually be seasoned by the circulating steam, thus allegedly not only enriching the taste of the food but also its nutritional value as all vitamins are kept inside the tower (and don’t evaporate).

Now, the remarkable links between the Steam Tower cooking device and the possible theme of the ‘yet-to-be-released’ Netent video slot Steam Tower are of course the terms ‘stacked’ and ‘enriched nutritional value’.

Steam Tower video slot game play fantasies…

Could it be video slot Steam Tower really is about the cooking device? Are the symbols of the slot the separate bowls of the tower, which can appear stacked on the reels and each filled with a different kind of dish? Maybe the Stacked Steam Tower symbols can be heated by a heating device under the reels, to thus ‘enrich’ us with some more tasty and nutritional winnings (just like the magnets influencing the reels in Netent video slot Attraction…).

Of course (we can’t emphasize it enough) this is all still nothing more than wildly speculating and (maybe even ‘farfetched’) fantasizing about what Netent video slot Steam Tower is all about. To get a real idea about the game play of the Netent game we have to wait for until the 23-rd of February next year, when video slot Steam Tower immediately will be playable for free here on


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