Video slot Spiñata Grande first impressions and game play review

Published on 19 March 2015 by Sebas

Read about the first impressions and game play of new upcoming Netent video slot Spiñata Grande  Video slot Spiñata Grande will only arrive in the Netent Casinos next week (on Monday the 23-rd, to be exact) but today I already had the privileged chance to play the new Netent game. Below you’ll find the review of my first impressions and findings.

Spiñata Grande video slot theme

When you’ve been following our earlier articles about Netent video slot Spiñata Grande you probably know the slot is all about the Mexican custom (at parties, celebrations and other festive events) of a blind-folded person hitting a colorfully decorated container or basket (called a ‘piñata’, usually made out of card-board, papier-mâché or pottery) with a stick, in order to break it open and release the treats that are inside. The tradition normally causes much hilarity as innocent by-standers are risking to get hit by the blind-folded person instead of the piñata he or she was ‘aiming’ at.

Needless to explain when ‘hitting it big’ while playing Netent video slot Spiñata Grande the player isn’t releasing any ‘treats’ like candy and / or toys, but (hopefully) a considerable coin win, perhaps generated with the help of the game’s special game features which are Colossal Symbols, Colossal Bonus Symbols and the Mini Slot feature, Free Spins and Colossal Wilds.

Opening video slot Spiñata Grande

The intro screen of video slot Spiñata Grande

When opening video slot Spiñata Grande first a ‘Game Unpacking’ screen is displayed, showing some elements of the slot like, of course, a piñata donkey but also the sombrero wearing Mini Slot feature, a Mexican trumpet, balloons and candy, all packed in a card-board box. Subsequently the game’s intro screens are shown with 5 piñatas dropping onto the scene and a bat hitting the Mini Slot feature after which the game’s title appears. The last intro screen shows the different special game features you will find in the slot and if one thing immediately becomes clear after these screens have passed by is that Spiñata Grande is a very colorful video slot.

Further audio and visual details of video slot Spiñata Grande

Video slot Spiñata Grande has 5 reels with 4 rows and 40 fixed win lines. The background of the slot is depicted as the quite ‘calm’ (but already decorated) central square of some (rural) Mexican community, where eventually the piñata party will start. A dog is barking, a honking pick-up truck passes by and on the lower part of the screen a sombrero wearing Mexican walks from left to right, cheerfully whistling a popular Mexican mariachi tune probably already anticipating the upcoming party.

Video slot Spinata Grande with Colossal Symbols

On the reels we see (besides the normal ‘A, K, Q, J and 10’ symbols) 4 different piñata symbols: a fish piñata, a donkey piñata, a bull piñata and a bird piñata. All of these symbols however during the main game can also appear as ‘colossal’ symbols, being blocks covering 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 symbols. During Free Spins only the piñata symbols will appear, and only as 3 x 3 blocks. As soon as a game round is started a lively (but still ‘calm’) Mexican music is heard that will increase in tempo and ‘liveliness’ if (and according to) a prize that is won.

Video slot Spiñata Grande game play

I was playing with the lowest stake and during the first 3-4 game rounds nothing really spectacular happened. I had some small wins by win lines made with both normal and (partly visible) Colossal Symbols but in the 5-th round the Colossal Bonus Symbol appeared, which is depicted as a Mini Slot. This Mini Slot consists of a ‘slot within a slot’ of 3 x 3 symbols which all behave like separate reels in the consequent re-spin of the Mini Slot. I won a coin win but also 3 Free Spins symbols appeared which triggered the Free Spins mode with 5 Free Spins (for every extra appearing Free Spins symbol 1 additional Free Spins is won).

Video slot Spinata Grande Free Spins

In the Free Spins mode I was lucky enough to get both a symbol substituting Colossal Wild during a Free Spins round (a block of 3 x 3 Wild symbols and only appearing during Free Spins), as well as another Colossal Bonus Symbol, the latter in Free Spins mode only (possibly) granting a coin win (so no extra Free Spins can be won in Free Spins mode). After playing for about 30 minutes (and several Colossal Bonus Symbols activating Free Spins and Colossal Wilds appearing) I could collect a small win as relative to my initial deposit of playing funds.

Video slot Spinata Grande Colosal Wilds

Netent video slot Spiñata Grande review conclusion

All in all Net Entertainment with video slot Spiñata Grande provides us with a cheerful, colorful and ‘fun-to-play’ new video slot offering great game play by its innovative special game features. Keep an eye on our news flashes over here the coming days to find out which Netent Casinos organize the best bonuses and promotions for their players to try out the new Netent video slot next Monday.


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