Video slot Tornado: Farm Escape for free raging on!

Published on 22 January 2015 by Sebas


Today the new Netent video slot Tornado: Farm Escape was released and rarely we’ve been more amused trying out a new Netent video slot (for free of course, on our own website) while continuously wondering about the ‘essence’ of this, by ‘stormy weather’ and ‘escaping cattle’ (??) themed game.

Regarding the ‘themes’ of the video slots as produced by Net Entertainment the following can safely be stated:

  • Netent video slots have a wide variety of themes;
  • Most Netent video slot themes are logical and make sense;
  • Some Netent video slots have themes that are less obvious (and make less sense).

Let’s have a closer look on these statements…

Netent video slot themes highly diverse

It’s amazing how the video slot developing professionals at Net Entertainment every time again come up with refreshing themes for their high-quality video slot games. With every month a new video slot that is released it seems the imagination and creativity of the game designers has no limits and every time they manage to surprise us players with yet again an exciting new Netent online gaming product. However, it’s not always easy to follow and understand their ‘game-theming’ logic…

Netent video slots with an obvious theme

The ‘obvious themed’ Netent video slots are those of which everybody immediately knows (or reasonably can suspect or deduct) what they are about.

For example, obviously Netent video slot Zombies isn’t about fragile, sweet-smelling and colorful flowers, while Netent video slot Flowers isn’t about human flesh and brains eating, half rotten, living dead zombies.

It’s also absolutely clear where video slot Space Wars is all about (yes, you’ve guessed it… about wars in space) and the title of a video slot like Disco Spins (as far as I’m concerned) pretty much says it all… it’s about ‘shaking your booty on the disco dance floor, Baby!’.

The video slots with the most evident themes are of course the Netent ‘branded’ video slots like video slot Scarface, Frankenstein, South Park, Dallas et cetera which are actually themed on an existing theme (the respective ‘brands’).

Lesser obvious inspired Netent video slots

There are also Netent video slots that leave us more or less ‘confused’ as far as their game theme is concerned, making us continuously wondering about what inspired Netent to specifically use a certain theme.

A perfect example, as far as I’m concerned, could be video slot Wonky Wabbits… Who or what inspired Netent to create a video slot about a bunch of bad-ass(kicking) bunnies that apparently have collectively (and potentially highly profitable) gone completely and utterly bonkers? It’s intriguing…

Or video slot Wild Turkey: who makes up such a fantastic story about a ‘Native tribe’ of ‘wild turkeys’ (??) that worship Wild symbols as their Gods and Free Spins as the tribe’s totem? Although a very amusing game (mind you, one of my favorites) its theme hardly can be related to… well… to hardly anything at all.

New Netent video slot Tornado: Farm Escape themed by…?

And this brings me to the today released new Netent video Tornado: Farm Escape which (again as far as I’m concerned) hasn’t got a clear, unambiguous game theme neither… The video slot obviously is about ‘tornados’ and ‘storms’, but just as ‘obviously’ seems to be about livestock wanting to escape their daily (laborious) routine. And ‘logically’ they are using the ‘stormy weather’ to apparently do so. Frankly… I’m puzzled…


What’s the importance of the theme of a Netent video slot when you always can be sure you’ll get the same thrilling, exciting, exhilarating (and fair) game play as on any other Netent video slot (with a ‘crystal clear’ game theme)? Yes, you’ve guessed it again… almost zero…

Play Netent video slot Tornado: Farm Escape for free!

And that’s (as far as I’m concerned) exactly the case with the Tornado: Farm Escape video slot of which I couldn’t care less about its theme, as long as those Storm and Tornado features keep on coming my way, profitably sweeping up as much livestock as possible! Check out the amusing new Netent video slot Tornado: Farm Escape for free (maybe just to see if you can agree with me) and have as much fun as I had playing this whirlwind wacky video slot on our website!


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