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New Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands playable for free!

Published on by Adam

New Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands now available for freeat!It’s a busy day for all true fans of the exciting Netent casino games as not only video slot Dracula is a ‘must be played for free’ on our Leading Netent Fansite, but also today’s equally released new Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands…

Today ‘blackest’ Netent game release day?

It’s probably pure coincidence and absolutely not done on purpose by Net Entertainment, but today it really seems to be the ‘darkest’ Netent casino game release day in the history of the Swedish-Maltese company. Because today not only the new ‘branded’ Netent video slot Dracula was released (after all a quite gloomy, if not ‘sinister’ game based on the famous ‘Prince of Darkness’ Count Dracula) but also the new Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands (of which, regarding its ‘blackness, it simply should suffice to state: “What’s in a name?’).

However, even if Net Entertainment would have released 2 more brand new casino games today in which the colour ‘black’ and ‘darkness’ equally would make part of their theme or game characteristics, it would only make our day of today so much more ‘lighter and brighter’, if not sheer ‘sunny and colourful’.

Because if there’s anything we like to do on a day Netent releases one or more new casino games, it’s of course immediately try them out for free on our own website, and yes (you’ve guessed it)… as of right now everybody can play both games completely free of charge (and with no strings attached whatsoever) on the ‘one and only’ Leading Netent Fansite!

Black Jack… Isn’t that… ‘Twenty-One’?

Yes, it is… Black Jack is also known as the game ‘Twenty-One’, one of the most popular and widely played card games in the world… But if you are thinking: “Ok, playing Twenty-One I know… So let’s head to one of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos and play new Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands for real money” you might be in for quite a surprise…

Because maybe you know the game is played against a (in this case ‘virtual’) dealer that you need to beat by assembling a ‘hand’ of cards with as close as possible to 21 points while by no means this ‘magic number’ must be exceeded…

Maybe you know that the hand with the most points wins and that a ‘Black Jack’ hand (an Ace plus a 10 points valued card) wins the most. You might also know Aces can count as 1 or 11 points, that cards dealt with a similar value can be ‘split’, that hands can be ‘insured’, that bets can be doubled and maybe you even know what it means when ‘the dealer has to stand on 17 and draw on 16’…

But do you also know what the Black Jack 3 Hands special game feature ’Even Money’ is? That a hand of 21 points in Black Jack 3 Hands automatically is set on ‘stand’? That the dealer also has to ‘stand’ on a ‘soft’ 17 (do you know what a ‘soft 17’ is?) and that a ‘split’ hand of Aces never can produce a Black Jack hand? And, last but not least, are you aware that ‘3 Hands’ doesn’t mean you physically have to have 3 hands to become a ‘crack’ at the game, but that it actually means you can play (and bet on) up to 3 hands at the same time per game round?

Take it from Netent: ‘Practice with Black Jack 3 Hands for free!’

If nothing of the above had you ‘scratching your head’, well… Congratulations… Maybe you really are already a crack at Netent Black Jack 3 Hands… But there’s still one last thing to consider…

Netent Black Jack 3 Hands has a high theoretical ‘return-to-player’ pay out percentage of 99,59%, but, as Net Entertainment themselves state about the game, only if an “optimal strategy” is applied. And nothing better to discover that strategy than to play new Netent table game Black Jack 3 Hands for free on our website!

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