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New Netent video slot Sparks for free! Check out the science!

Published on by Adam

Check the science behind new NetEnt video slot Sparks!NetEnt really seems to be into ‘electricity’ and ‘light’ this last half year as the today released new NetEnt video slot Sparks (already playable for free on our website) is the third new NetEnt video slot which is themed by an ‘electrifying’ subject…

Let there be light…

As the penultimate released (‘new’) NetEnt game of course video slot Neon Staxx refers to neon signs and lights as one of the appliances of electricity. And only 5 months ago the unique NetEnt video slot Glow was released (exclusively developed for NetEnt Casinos belonging to the Betsson Group) which is all about the amazing beauty of the Northern Light (aka ‘the Aurora Borealis’, a natural light effect partly caused by electrically charged particles reaching the Earth’s atmosphere).

So it’s safe to state with the today released new NetEnt video Sparks the game developing professionals at NetEnt certainly are quite ‘charged’ with all sorts of electrical phenomena, especially if you add video slots like Lights and Attraction to the equation of which both their game theme and design are also based on the application of a form of electricity (respectively bioluminescence and electro-magnetism).

With video slot Sparks however NetEnt really has gone to ‘the core of the matter’ as of course the ‘subatomic particles’ as shown as symbols on the reels of the new NetEnt slot are the basis of all electrical and illuminating ‘wonders’. And the best ‘part’ of these particles in video slot Sparks is the fact that by their ‘elementary properties’ they will not only ‘ignite’ high-voltage game play, but also  ‘currency surges’ in the form of big (up to even ‘shocking’) bet line winnings.

Video slot Sparks both AC and DC

The first ‘elementary property’ of the electro-magnetic particles (and other symbols) on the reels of video slot Sparks is they can behave as ‘Direct Current’ (DC, current flowing in only one direction) as well as Alternate Current (AC, with current flowing back and forth). In plain language it means the symbols can optionally be set to create winning bet lines only from the right to the left (DC, or ‘Win One Way’ mode) as well as to generate win lines from both directions (AC, also from the right to the left or ‘Win Both Ways’ mode).

The quantum mechanics of video slot Sparks

Besides the above quite ‘basic’ electrical characteristics of the video slot Sparks particles they also are subject to some principles derived from theories regarding quantum mechanics. Because some of these (apparently proven) hypotheses claim one and the same particle can exist in two different places at the same time. For that matter, some quantum physicists state these particles (and everything that’s made out of them, including you and me) simultaneously could (or even ‘should’) exist in an infinite number of places / spaces.

And that’s exactly what happens when the Expanding Cloning Wild of video slot Sparks appears on the 2-nd reel in a spin, as it will not only (possibly) expand horizontally, but it will also ‘clone’ the symbol ‘existing’ on its right to also make it exist on the position on its left (thus creating a winning bet line). What’s more, if the latter ‘collides’ with an Expanding Cloning Wild also emerging on the 4-th reel (in the same game round) the symbols again are cloned (from left to right), evidently rewarding (almost) infinite winnings…

Video slot Sparks: the math…

Of course besides the aforementioned physical properties of video slot Sparks the game also has an underlying mathematical ‘makeup’, of which some aspects could be important to observe:

  • In ‘Win One Way’ mode the theoretical ‘Return To Player’ (RTP) percentage of video slot Sparks is slightly higher than when played in the ‘Win Both Ways’ mode (respectively 96.56% and 96.54%);
  • 20 (fixed) bet lines x (lowest) bet level 1 = 20 x (lowest) coin value € 0.01 = € 0.20 (lowest possible bet per spin);
  • 20 (fixed) bet lines x (highest) bet level 10 = 200 x (highest) coin value € 2 = € 400 (highest possible bet per spin);
  • 1 single spin can grant up to 80.000 coins in winnings (= € 160.000)

Check the science! Play video slot Sparks for free!

Whether you want to check the above (quite ‘pseudo-scientific’) explanation of some of the features of the today released new NetEnt video slot or you’re simply ‘dizzy’ already of the ‘gibberish’ (and want to try the game as soon as possible)… Head over to its game tutorial page on our website and play new NetEnt video slot Sparks for free!

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