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New video footage shows international ‘stuff’ NetEnt is made of…

Published on by Adam

NetEnt every month releases videos about their new and upcoming (‘yet-to-be-released’) casino games and also on a regular basis issues an update of its ‘company showreel’ which can be regarded as basically being NetEnt’s ‘commercial’. A good example of a 3-rd type of footage published by the company is the above video that provides a revealing ‘insight’ about the ‘stuff’ NetEnt is made of…


The video that was released last week by NetEnt can be considered as a sequel of 2 earlier published videos, placed on YouTube about 1 year ago. In those videos (one called “The Way We Work” and the other “Our Culture and Core Values”) practically the same kind of aspects about NetEnt as a company were highlighted and in the same manner: by NetEnt professionals reflecting and commenting on how it is to work in the Net Entertainment organisation. From those videos it already became clear that:

  • NetEnt is a highly ‘customer centered’ organisation;
  • Professionals and project groups have a great deal of freedom and responsibility and can make autonomous decisions;
  • Simplicity is preferred above complexity;
  • Teamwork is essential;
  • Personal (emotional) involvement is valued;
  • What ‘makes’ NetEnt (and its success) are the professionals and their attitudes towards gaming as well as to the customers, each other and the company as a whole;
  • NetEnt isn’t so much a ‘Swedish’ company but more of a proper ‘entity’ with its own culture and ‘identity’.

Working with international creativity

The most important message, as far as I’m concerned, of this latest video isn’t that NetEnt is an international operating company and that this ‘internationality’ also is reflected in the composition of its workforce (apparently consisting out of professionals from no less than 47 different countries). Neither is, as far as I’m concerned, the apparent fact NetEnt is a fast changing and highly dynamic organisation as several of the interviewees mention (notably Per Eriksson, the NetEnt CEO who claims he actually ‘thrives’ in that kind of environments).

As far as I’m concerned the most important message of the film is that exactly because of those professionals with different nationalities (and therefore different backgrounds, cultures, education, interpretations, references, ideas et cetera) the company truly becomes a multi-cultural ‘melting pot’ and an incessant incubator for new concepts and innovation.

It seems this ‘internationality’ at NetEnt provides for an overall ‘result’ (of whatever kind of undertaking) which is ‘greater’ (= better) than the simple net ‘sum’ of the individual ‘parts’ involved in it. And it’s intriguing to see how some of the interviewees passionately claim to feel personally enriched by the fertile cultural diversity which they state to experience when working for NetEnt.

‘Great artists have no country’ (but ‘homes’ like NetEnt)

It’s clear NetEnt puts a great effort into establishing the most ‘creativity inspiring’ work environment as possible and hiring professionals from all over the world to design, develop and produce their online casino gaming products is one of those efforts. And as (luckily for us players) the multi-cultural workforce at NetEnt consists of individuals who are highly receptive to ‘cross fertilisation’ by each other’s knowledge and experiences we can daily enjoy the results of that synergy in the form of the most amazing online casino games currently available in online casinos. You can check these ‘results’ for yourself by playing the Netent games for free on our website.

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