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Could you be the Next Big Jackpot Winner?

Published on by Adam

Could You be the Next Big Jackpot Winner?Earlier on this month we introduced you to Anton, the latest Netent jackpot winner who won a cool 23 million SEK on Mega Fortune from a 100 SEK wager. Now the heat has really been turned up as we all wait with baited breath for the next Netent millionaire. As a big fan of jackpots myself, I’ve been doing some research and getting a little hot under the collar at what I’ve found.

Enter, Hall of Gods!

Now, Hall of Gods is not a new Netent jackpot game, all regular players will be familiar with it. But, did you know that (at the time of publishing) the current pooled jackpot total is over 3.5 million EUR?! On average, the jackpot is hit on Hall of Gods around every 120 days, but the really exciting news is that the last hit was over 320 days a go!

I don’t know about you, but this tells me that a big win is getting closer every day and whoever next spins the reels on Hall of Gods, could just be catapulted to the prestige ranks of the millionaires. If you want my advice, I’d hop on over to our Hall of Gods page which details more about the game and tells you exactly which casinos offer this huge jackpot opportunity.

How does it work?

Good question. Every time someone places a bet on any Netent jackpot game, a portion of the bet is placed into the jackpot. So the more you play, the more can be won. Most jackpots are local jackpots, so only players playing on that game, on that casino, are contributing to the pool and the jackpot will be different amounts on all casinos.

With pooled jackpots like Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune, the players from all the different casinos offering this game, all contribute, meaning the pool is the same wherever you play and in general much, much higher!

Hopefully, soon I’ll be introducing the readers to you, the latest Netent jackpot millionaire. If you do win, make sure you add me to your Christmas card list!

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