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Next Stop: Casino Clothing Line

Published on by Adam

Lenny Who? Super Lenny's Clothing Line

There are a handful of online casinos out there that represent more to their players than just a site where you can take a few spins of your favourite slot. Some of the latest additions to the casino world have adopted an entirely different ethos to the traditional site; offering players the chance to experience games rather than just play them, and to join an online community, aiming for achievements and securing bonuses and free spins as rewards. We’re talking about adventure casinos.


SuperLenny came on the scene in 2014 and is run by the same company as the flying casino, Thrills. It offers both casino and sports betting so has something for everyone and, fronted by a deer in a rather fetching tuxedo, it’s a unique, modern place to be.

As a casino like no other, those who choose to play at SuperLenny often associate themselves with the brand. For fear of sounding lame, SuperLenny is cool; and it stands to reason that those who love the site would also love other SuperLenny branded items. And so, Haus of Lenny was born.


Haus of Lenny is a brand with a difference. It offers a small, boutique range of SuperLenny branded goods (including its Casino clothing line), from tees featuring slogans like “Lenny Who?”, “In Da House” and “Mrs Lenny”, to watches, bracelets, caps, iPhone cases and stationery.

The casino clothing line and the rest of the Haus of Lenny range was launched in early 2015, so it remains to be seen quite how popular the brand will be. However, we’ve seen the luxe wrapping paper and the embossed labels that each items comes with, and the prices are not too unreasonable (tees for around €42), so we’re sure there will be a fair few takers.

Haus of Lenny- Labels for Super Lenny's Clothing Line


Casumo were the first adventure casino in the industry. Going live back in 2012, the casino features tiny characters called (naturally) Casumos, for players to adopt. Players receive challenges to complete to level up their Casumo, and each completed mission is rewarded with free spins and bonuses. It was the first of its kind, and many have followed its model in the years since. Now, we’ve heard rumours that they’re diversifying.


We all know that social media can be a dangerous thing, but the rumour of Casumo’s very own casino clothing line comes directly from the horses mouth.

Casumo posted the below image of their newly produced labels on Twitter a few short weeks ago and, a matter of days ago, we got a sneak peek of what the t-shirts might look like. We won’t spoil the surprise but, from what we saw, you can expect tees featuring cute and quirky Casumo animations; similar to those you can find adorning the casino website. Quite what else will be sold alongside the clothing line, and the price point, is yet to be released.

Labels for Casumo's Upcoming Clothing Line

Now, just to see if there’s money in the budget for a trial purchase from these casino clothing lines. I quite fancy the look of that ‘Haus of Lenny’ tee!


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